10 Must Haves to Work From Home

Work from Home seems like all cakes and candies in the start. The comfort of the bed, the relaxation in pajamas, and the ability to be present in meetings without dressing up. But after a while, one starts struggling, many times due to lack of resources for working easily from home. 

The most basic needs for working from home are a computer and internet. But, to this experience up a notch, you need many other accessories too. Here are certain electric items that you will need to make your work from home experience more convenient and pleasurable. 




If you want to enjoy working from home you must have AirPods which have active noise cancellation. This will help you not get distracted by the never-ending household noise. Wireless AirPods can help you with working very effectively. Airpods will help you to be focused because of their noise-canceling technique. You don’t have to struggle with them as you do in earphones with their wires.


Wireless mouse 

You also must have a wireless mouse which you can take anywhere you want to take with your laptop. With so many wires tangling, it can lead to a loss of efficiency and productivity in working. A wireless mouse will be easy to carry around and work with. 



For your office meeting you would have for that you should have a webcam. Webcam shows you on the camera in a more professional way and it is best for your professional. It can give you a good impression in front of your seniors and colleagues, as the cameras inbuilt in mobiles and laptops often have several issues with them. 


Power bank for laptop


We know how important a power bank is at the end time when you lose your laptop battery and have important work to do so you must have a power bank. It would also make your laptop more portable since you don’t have to be stuck to the port all day. 


A Multi-Port Adapter

A multi-port adapter will help you in connecting your USB-C-enabled Mac or iPad. This adapter allows you to connect your Mac or iPad display to your HDMI-enabled TV or display. Multi-port adapters will help you in so many ways to connect with multiple technology items, whether it be your headphones, data cable, or mobiles. 


A WiFi Extender

If you’re having trouble getting reliable WiFi signals in some area of your home you a WiFI extender could help you in getting a solid signal for your work. WiFI repeater or extender will increase or extend the coverage of the area of your WiFi network. It works by receiving a WiFi signal you have in your workplace and it will amplify it then transmission it the boosted signal. Wi-Fi extender can double the coverage area of your WiFI network. Wifi extender can reach far corners of your home or office, even on different floors. 


A Laptop Cooling Pad

Buying a laptop cooling pad will cool down your heated laptop. Overheat can cause your laptop to slow down and can give a lot of impact on your performance while working from home. A cooling pad will help you with that.


A portable hard drive


A hard drive used for transport and backup of your work or anything which is important for you. It also works for you as additional storage, a portable hard drive. This way you can store any additional files needed for your work. 


A conference speaker-phone

Working from means we have to join meetings and do lots of conference calls from home. A conference speakerphone can allow you to join in a conference call and it lets you continue effectively your conference call, even if you move around in the house, without needing you to carry your earphones. 


Portronics swipe screen cleaner

Here is a bonus accessory. With all these electronics, there arises a need to maintain them as well. Portronics swipe screen cleaner is a computer, laptop, mobile, LCD, LED-TV screen cleaner. It is easy to clean any screen you’re working on. It’s small and easy to carry anywhere with you as a screen cleaner. 


Also make sure to own a good pair of computer glasses and ample lighting around you, since you would spend a lot of time on screens!

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