10 Recent Examples Of Powerful Innovation In Healthcare

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Technological advancement is behind the upcoming innovations that have affected our life positively. These advancements are not limited to a specific field and healthcare is no exception as well. 

Let us see the impact of powerful innovation on the healthcare field with these 10 examples prepared by term paper writing service:

1. Change of Traditional Design Pennsylvania Hospital: 

The complete facility of Pennsylvania Hospital is redesigned to make it more cohesive rather than organized based on the department as is done in most hospitals. The goal is to have ownership of every patient by every department thus giving a feel of a hotel rather than a sterile hospital. 

Feedback from patients and staff is considered throughout the construction and redesign phase to provide them the best healthcare facility. 

2. Use of 3D Models by Boston Children’s Hospital:

Detailed operations can be long and dangerous. The risk becomes bigger with the more time spent by the patient in surgery. Boston Children’s Hospital has started using 3D operating models to reduce surgery time. It allows the surgeons to practice on 3D printed model of a patient’s organ before the actual operation. 3D operating models enables the surgeon to perform the complex operation quickly. 

3. Use of Big Data by RDMD to Treat Rare Disease:

RDMD healthcare startup is using artificial intelligence technology to analyze the data that they have collected from medical records. The purpose of this analysis is to find commonalities among patients of rare diseases. The information will definitely help to create new drugs and find treatment for rare diseases.  

4. Use of Predictive Analysis to Solve OR Bottlenecks: 

Another example of innovation in healthcare is the use of predictive analysis by Medical Center, University of Chicago to solve the major problem of slowdowns and the bottleneck of the operating room. Hospital has used real-time data and an AI-based algorithm to reduce turnover time by 4 minutes for an operating room. 

5. Heart Treatment with the Help of AI Robot:

HeartLander is a miniature robot to perform heart therapy treatments. It is developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. The robot, navigated by the Doctor, sticks to the heart organ of the patients and performs therapy. 

6. Connecting Newborns and Parents with NICU App: 

The newborn babies with health problems are kept in ICU with no access to their parent to them. To resolve this issue Children’s Hospital in Chicago has developed an app that keeps the parents in continuous touch with their newborn babies. Parents can track the real-time progress and health of their children. 

7. Use of Data for Better Diagnoses by Children’s Hospital Seattle: 

Doctors in the hospital have started to use big data analytics for a more accurate and faster diagnosis of their patients. 

8. VR Helps Patients:

A startup with the name of VRHealth has partnered with healthcare for a solution to reduce the anxiety and pain in a difficult situation. The process is simple, the patient is given VR glasses to move his/her mind away from surgery or that situation. 

9. Chatbot to Provide Health Advice:

Chatbot Florence provides customize health advice to the patients when they need it. 

10. Cloud-Based System to Streamline Data Access: 

Innovation healthcare systems have moved to cloud-based systems that allow a centralized database. The database is accessible to every department when they need rather than asking other departments to share patient history. 

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