3 of the most anticipated mobile games of 2022

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Nowadays, there are so many mobile phone games to enjoy. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you’ll find that a mobile game is the perfect way to pass the time and relax. Over the last few years, mobile games have become increasingly multi-player focused, with an emphasis on good design, aesthetics, musical scores and overall plot. Here are three games in particular that many gamers are excited about coming out in 2022. 

Diablo Immortal

Having been launched on June 2, 2022, Diablo Immortal is an RPG game that is not only accessible on your phone, but can also be played online in the world of Sanctuary, a place where you can meet with your friends and enjoy exploring areas and taking on battles together. 

This mobile game is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. It has a new story and you will be able to play as a variety of different character classes. This includes demon, necromancer, hunter and barbarian. Essentially, you are trying to stop Diablo being resurrected by his minions through the Worldstone fragments. 

Throughout the game, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of exciting environments. Westmarch will act as your primary location. Here you will be able to see your stash, buy goods from vendors and form parties with other players. Other locations include the Ashwold Cemetery, the Dark Wood, the Forgotten Tower, Bielfen, Shassar Sea, Wortham and the Tomb of Fahir.

The Diablo franchise has always had a fantastic array of characters and bosses for players to enjoy. This mobile game is no different. You’ll be able to battle against Skarn, The Herald of Terror, a new boss that is trying to build up his army. However, you’ll also be able to battle against some more familiar faces, including the Vile Mothers.

So, make sure to give this game a try! It is worth downloading on your phone. 

Disney Mirrorverse

When you think about mobile user acquisition, it’s important that you choose a game genre and system that appeals to a wide range of players. That’s why Disney Mirrorverse has been a highly anticipated mobile game in 2022. 

As an action RPG, this game allows players to use Disney and Pixar characters to fight against evil that threatens to take over their reality. The Disney and Pixar characters are known as guardians and have their own ranks, attributes and abilities. They will fight against the Fractured in a variety of locations and dungeons. This will be through the overarching story quest and events. 

With excellent graphics, a variety of characters to team up with and a great storyline, it is not surprising that Disney Mirrorverse is a popular 2022 game. Download it and see for yourself what you think. There are already a few wikis up to help you pick the best characters for your team.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

If you are looking for a roleplaying mobile game from an established franchise, you should take a look at Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Essentially, this game reimagines Final Fantasy VII and will have monthly chapters released so that it can be played over a timeline. That means players can choose where they want to play in the timeline. The battle system is similar to that of the original Final Fantasy VII. Therefore, make sure you’re prepared for an active time battle system that uses weapons, summons, limit breaks and materials.

For this mobile game, the monetisation will consist of weapon unlocks. Therefore, there may be content in this game that has not previously been used in existing games. This includes special weapons and costume sets. It has also been said that the game is going to create special dungeons that players will be able to explore. However, the musical accompaniment will try to remain faithful to previous Final Fantasy games.  

Although there isn’t currently a specific launch date for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, it is expected to be available during 2022. 


Are you ready to try out a mobile game? 

Mobile games come in many shapes and forms. 2022 has seen the arrival of a wide variety of games that have amazing graphics, storylines and accompaniments. It is worth taking a look at which games have been created this year and are ready to play. That way, you can try out some new stories and enjoy yourself. Just make sure not to take up too much space on your phone in the process!


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