7 Free and Effective SEO Tools to Enhance Website Rankings and Traffic 

From buying a needle to buying a car, the world is drifting towards the online platform. It has become important for any business to mark its presence on virtual platforms to compete in the market. But online presence has its own challenges. Your success on a digital platform depends on your website’s ranking amidst all the cut-throat competition. To tackle situations like this and creating your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) optimizing your website with the help of SEO tools has become very important.

Do you own an e-commerce store and want to rank higher in the search results? Do you want to rank higher on Google, but don’t have a ton of money? Can’t hire an agency to audit your website? 

No problem! We have brought to you 7 free and effective SEO tools with the help of which you can get higher ranks for your website and increase traffic. 

Google search console: 

This is the most important tool that every website needs to have. It makes it very easy and effective to track your site’s performance on Google. You can also find technical SEO problems. The most important aspect of the Google search console is that it shows you exact keywords and where you rank them for and the data is legitimate as it comes straight from the search engine itself. 

Google Analytics:

It analyses your site and generates a report on how people find and use your websites. It generates a report measuring the traffic on your website so that you can keep a check on your audience. 

Do you want to know: 

  • How many people visit your website? 
  • What is the location from where you’re getting the most traffic? 
  • What websites send traffic to your website? 
  • What marketing tactics, posts, content, day, time of the day drive the most traffic to your website? 
  • How do you improve the speed of your website? 

If yes, then Google analytics is a must-have. 

Yoast SEO Plugin:

So, you have designed great content for your website with the right keywords. But do you face problems in the technical part of SEO? 

Not a problem anymore! 

With Yoast SEO Plugin you can easily fix the technical stage of SEO. It helps you to improve your content to the highest standards and improve its readability. 

Yoast SEO’s features give you feedback with the help of which you can optimize your content. It checks your content on the basis of the parameters that are crucial for readability. You can adapt to the feedback and reframe your content that suits its readability. 

SEED Keywords.com 

Have you been using keyword research tools but still not getting the results? 

It is mostly because, in almost all keyword research tools, a general approach is applied, enter the keyword and you get a list of suggestions. Ever thought thousands of others must be entering the same keywords in these tools? This is where the problem arises, the lack of uniqueness and to troubleshoot this, seed keywords.com comes into the picture.

It offsets this problem because instead of assuming keywords yourself, you can actually ask your customers that how do they find you online, and then you can use those untapped keywords that your competitors don’t know about into your regular keyword research tools. 


Do you know the search results vary dramatically according to the location and the device used for searching any product or service? 

SERPerator is an amazing tool that helps you to find out exactly how the search results will look like on a particular device for a particular location. 

All you have to do is enter the device and location for which you want to know the search results. 



Do you want to know how Google and other search engines view your website? But you aren’t very efficient with technology? 

Then SEOlyzer is a solution to your problem. It is a very simple and effective tool that collects log files in real-time. 

It is a crawler and logs analysis tool that monitors robot.txt and calculates Page Rank. 

It is useful to improve your organic traffic, detect errors and monitor the performance of your website. With the help of SEOlyzer, you can react to any problem on your website without any long-term harm done. 

SEOProcessor Blog Title Generator 

In the world of SEO, the keyword isn’t the only criteria to guarantee your ranking on the evasive first page. Your content plays a pivotal role in determining your ranking and traffic. But, no matter how great your content is, the face of your content which will be crawled and will decide your ranking is the title of your content. 

The title is what will generate interest. Hence, it becomes very important for any website to always come up with catchy and buzzworthy titles. 

But do you think coming up with creative and noteworthy titles, every time is that easy? Here comes the savior, SEOProcessor Blog Title Generator. All you need to do is give the tool a few relevant keywords and the tool will generate a bunch of superb ideas for your content. 

Easy no? 


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