7 Tips to Choose the Right Local SEO Agency

If you want to drive foot traffic to your local business, you need to invest in local search engine optimization. According to Google,  46% of searches have local intent. They also report that ‘where to buy’ + ‘near me’ mobile searches have grown by over 200% over the last two years. 

When it comes to local SEO, you’ll need a solid strategy to get the most out of it. The first step is hiring a local SEO company to manage your SEO. Performing local SEO in 2021 may sound like a daunting task. After all, you’ll be trusting total strangers with your online presence. Naturally, all businesses wish to work with agencies that are professionals, trustworthy, reputable, and reliable. But this isn’t always the case. If you hire the right agency, you get a partner that will help grow your business, and if you hire wrong, you set your business up for failure.

How do you choose the right local SEO company? Our article discusses some tips to help you choose the right local SEO company for your business.

1. Set Your Goals and Desired Outcomes

It’s impossible to decide on a local SEO agency if you don’t know what you’d like to achieve with your local SEO campaigns.  SEO is supposed to optimize your website to rank higher in local searches in SERPS, and it aims to increase the quality of organic traffic to your website. There are different metrics when it comes to SEO. Although all of these metrics are important, you need to determine what you will use to measure success. What local SEO metrics are you looking to achieve?

  • Better Google rankings.
  • Increased organic traffic.
  • Increased conversion rates.
  • New customers.
  • Increased new reviews.
  • New leads and sales.

Discuss your goals with different local SEO agencies and find out how they plan to help you achieve them. An agency that doesn’t have a laid plan to help you achieve your goals is a wrong choice. 

2. Don’t Rely on Google Rankings

One would think that the number one local SEO company that appears on the SERP is the best one to work with. It makes logical sense, right?

This isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, the best local SEO companies, those that do great work, are in high demand and have excellent referrals, don’t need to rank highly in search engines. They are usually overwhelmed with clients, so they don’t spend money and time optimizing their websites to attract new clients.

3. Talk to Industry Experts 

SEO is still SEO regardless of whether it’s organic or local, right?

Well, not really. Just like you wouldn’t visit a vet to get you’re your tooth extracted, don’t just use any SEO company for your local SEO needs. Local SEO is different from organic SEO. Unlike organic SEO, local SEO focuses on the geographical aspect to build your business’s relevance around a particular location.

You should also pick a local SEO company that has experience working with businesses in your field and has an in-depth understanding of your business. If you’re a local bakery, choose an agency that has experience working with bakeries.

4. Check Testimonials, Case Studies, Awards, and Reviews to Establish Their Track Record 

Every company has clients who were extremely satisfied with their services and some that weren’t. Just like you would read product reviews when planning to buy a household item, you should research SEO agencies. 

The easiest way to establish the quality of work they provide is to go to the agency’s website and look for industry recognition. An SEO company that the SEO industry has recognized will display its badges on its website. The website should also have a case studies section that displays some of their work. To find reviews, go to the agency’s GMB page, Facebook page, or Clutch.

An agency that can’t provide you with an established list of clients, case studies, awards, and online reviews upon request and has a high client turnover is an agency you shouldn’t work with.

5. Set a Budget for Your Campaign

SEO is not something that yields immediate results. It’s something that should be done for an extended period. Do you have enough money to back your local SEO campaign?

To get the best out of your local SEO campaigns, you need to invest in them.  While non-competitive SEO campaigns can cost you a few hundred dollars per month, aggressive and competitive campaigns will cost you more. 

You need to ask various local SEO agencies about the SEO packages they offer and find out which ones fall into your budget. Regardless of how much you’re willing to pay, ensure that you are getting value for your money. 

6. Data Tracking Should be Paramount

Data guides the future of your business. Without it, it’s impossible to make sound business decisions. Your SEO company should be able to monitor and measure all your company data. This data may include site visits, phone calls, UTM codes, click rates, contact forms, and so much more.  This data will paint a clear picture of where prospective clients are finding, help you understand your customers better, and discover new ways to maximize your success areas.

A good local SEO company should enable you to make business decisions based on results rather than instincts.

7. Check for Other Services they Provide

While some agencies are exclusively focused on local SEO, others offer clients various services and work with different channels. Working with a strictly local SEO agency might be right for your business, but you will always be forced to look for other experts when you want to execute other marketing campaigns. 

A general agency can provide you with comprehensive services that include local SEO, social media, direct response, and email advertising.  

Professional Digital Marketing Solutions 

Here at BizIQ, we offer local SEO solutions to make it easier for businesses like yours to take your digital marketing game to the next level. Our efforts will also enable you to attract more customers, boost your brand awareness, and increase sales. 

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