7 UI and UX Best Practices in Banking Applications

UX (user experience) plays a crucial role in enhancing business growth. Most organizations that hire competent UX and UI designers reap immense benefits. Their businesses report huge revenues and client loyalty. Consumers who enjoy an excellent experience using a particular product will return to purchase more and offer positive recommendations. The banking sector is not left behind in exceptional UX designs.

Today, banks have shifted to the digital space because of technological advances. Banking applications are now the crucial link between banks and their customers. The customer should enjoy using a banking app without any difficulties. Unlike traditional banking methods, technology has changed the entire industry. People want swift banking services on the go at affordable rates. You don’t have to visit your bank branch to make a transaction. The user experience in fintech companies is an example of how technology is shifting the banking sector.

Not all banks have embraced UI/UX. But it is essential in improving ROI and maintaining healthy business standards.

Below are the best practices that banks should adopt when hiring UX/UI designers for their applications.


Allow Users to Explore The App

After successful app development, do not rush the customers into registering and using it. You can give the customers time to explore the application. Allow the designers to gather customer feedback about the app. Create short videos on how to use the app and its contents. This creates a positive rapport with your customers, and they are more likely to embrace the application.

First-time users will appreciate your effort in showing them how the app functions. So, UX and UI designers should be creative and incorporate interactive designs to guide the customers.

Help Customers Locate ATMs or Branches

Though most customers prefer online banking, others may want to access the branch or ATM. It could be to fill out necessary paperwork or to withdraw some cash. Whatever the case, your app should assist users in finding nearby branches or ATMs. Incorporating geo-location tools is an essential UX/UI feature in the design process. Thus, banks should implement this practice as location guidance for customers.

Simplify the Registration Process

Improving user experience in banking applications is necessary to retain customers. Most banking applications have a rigorous application process. This is usually because of data security reasons. Many customers find the process cumbersome due to the many questions on the form. However, you can find practical solutions through a skilled UI/UX designer. The experts can minimize the registration steps and simplify the process.

Ensure an Easy to View and Hide Account Balance

Having an application that easily displays your account balance is reassuring. UI/UX designers make it possible for customers to view their balance on the home page. It is also easy for them to hide the information for privacy by tapping on the balance. Snoopers can’t see what you are viewing because you can hide it immediately. Then, you can tap again if you want to see your balance. This practice is a practical UI/UX approach that gives users a flawless experience.

Incorporate a Flat Menu

Many customers don’t like menus that have other menus inside. It is pretty confusing and not user-friendly. Thus, UI designers developing banking apps should use a flat menu. Here, the customers can view the entire menu in a single interface. Banking applications can adopt this UI technique for easy navigation through the sections. Once you click on the menu, you can directly access any service you want.

Reduce Texts and Add More Visual Signs

Banking apps should have minimal texts and a few visual cues for effective communication. One common UI/UX rule is that users prefer visual symbols rather than lengthy texts. So, designers go for interactive cues to capture the users’ attention. Do not clutter the app with many images and symbols because it might overwhelm the customers.

Build Familiar Interfaces

Today, many people use smartphones to access various applications. So, banking apps can develop interfaces with similar features. UI designers can incorporate similar patterns, menus, or header bars that mimic the smartphone OS. The customers will enjoy a familiar interface for Android or iOS operating systems.

This technique will help you enhance usability and retain customer loyalty.

Use Appropriate Icons

Most users get confused with complicated icons. UI designers must select appropriate icons to represent specific actions.

You can choose different colors to represent specific actions. For instance, you can use an individual with headsets to show the help button. The designers can test the icons first before launching the app to check its usability.

Provide Transaction Confirmation

Banking apps require precise actions to avoid costly mistakes. You must be extra cautious when transacting or using your account for a particular action. Thus, UI/UX designers can introduce confirmation receipts during each transaction step for reassurance. For instance, before sending money, the system can display a pop-up alert if you want to proceed or not. Or it can send a test showing you the transaction is successful and the recipient has received the money. Thus, such confirmation alerts are essential banking practices that improve usability.

Transaction Histories

A good interface usually has a menu that consists of the transaction history. This technique is essential in the UX/UI design of banking applications. Most customers often check previous transactions to know their financial decisions. Moreover, the app is more effective if it displays the transaction status.

Offer Detailed Instructions

Customers should easily access any information they want on the application. The app should show detailed instructions about usability.

The UX designers can also incorporate a chatbot for customer support. It will help customers get immediate assistance when encountering issues while using the app. Even though digital bots are pretty expensive, it enhances user experience.

Get a Fair Share of the Banking Market with Unique Designs

Banking applications should implement exceptional UX/UI designs that cater to customers’ needs. The designs should be straightforward and interactive to enhance usability. The above practices are efficient in meeting the business goals of most banks globally.


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