7 Ways To Exploit Cloud Trends

When it comes to cloud trends you should make the most of them for your business as they could help boost productivity. Once you have the cloud all set up, keeping track of the up and coming trends can be helpful. Here are 7 ways to exploit cloud trends within your business … 

  • Migrating to the cloud 

Migrating to the cloud is probably the most challenging part of setting up cloud services but once you have this out the way you will be ready to go with your cloud services. The difficulties can be with security and making sure you save absolutely everything. There shouldn’t be any trouble with training staff on the cloud as it is pretty straightforward. You will likely need help with cloud migration and it will be worth getting for most businesses. 

  • Sustainability as an increaser of cloud innovations 

Many companies want to lower energy usage and become more sustainable, this can be in a tech sense as well as an office sense. Cloud computing can reduce our overall carbon footprint down to better resource sharing. 

  • Emphasis on security 

There is an emphasis on security in most cloud computing programs recently and this will continue to be an ongoing trend. Cloud computing without effective security won’t be worth it, but most companies provide this. Make sure you double-check the security that comes with your cloud storage. It is interesting to keep up to date with security updates and new trends. 

  • The rise of serverless 

Serverless is relatively new and is gaining some traction in the market, it is sometimes known as function-as-a-service and means you won’t be tied into leasing servers or paying for certain amounts for storage. This service isn’t fully serverless, it just adds another layer of abstraction between the user and the platform, useful for those who don’t want to get involved with the technicalities. This trend is one you will want to make the most of in the tech landscape as it’s great for new user experience. 

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in cloud computing

Another trend in cloud computing is AI for the cloud, this is a new concept and is a combination of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. For this type of computing, there will be a shared infrastructure that will help support projects and workloads. AI is very up-and-coming and has now been combined into cloud services too.

  • Hybrid cloud 

A hybrid cloud blurs the distinction between public and private clouds. This can be useful for companies like banks that have some information that needs to be kept very private but some that will need to be easier to access, for example, client’s bank details are private, whereas their address might need to be easier to access. The hybrid cloud option will consist of a mixed computing, storage and services environment made up of infrastructure, private cloud and public cloud. There are a few different companies that offer this type of cloud computing. 

  • Ensure customer data protection before it reaches the cloud

If you ensure customer data protection before it reaches the cloud then the details will be very safe, much more so than on your desktop. Security will always be high up on the list of essentials for cybersecurity and the cloud. You could lose important clients and customers if you happen to leak any private details so make sure security is one of your top priorities. 

Cloud technology will always be growing and there will be new trends you should watch out for to get involved with. You should exploit as many as possible to maximise your benefits from the cloud. If you haven’t yet migrated over to the cloud you can get help with this process from cloud service companies. 


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