8 Secrets For Keeping Your Bathroom Permanently Clean

You definitely already know what we do in our bathrooms. Since you do, we think we can all agree that it can be difficult to keep your bathroom squeaky clean, on top of keeping it beautiful. If you do not clean it as regularly as you could, keeping it nice and clean will be challenging. we can just imagine the struggle when all your bathroom necessities are all wet and scattered everywhere. If you are one of the homeowners who feel this frustration, then this article is for you. Today, we are giving you some helpful tips for keeping your bathroom nice and clean as it should be. Check this out!

1. Invest in smart storage solutions

The number one reason why bathrooms are disorderly is that there is not enough space to keep your bathroom necessities. The tendency is for us homeowners to just put everything in a single cabinet or to just place things on the floor which is worse enough. This is why you need to make sure that you have enough bathroom cabinets. If you have little space in your bathroom, some experts offer different smart storage solutions like having proper shelving or installing racks over the toilet. It is also smart to install hooks and shower storage.

2. Declutter, declutter, declutter

We cannot stress enough how important it is to throw away everything that you do not need. Of course, you should get rid of the trash, but you should also consider your bath and shower products. Some of these products have sat in your bathroom cabinet since the beginning of time. You need to say good-bye and just keep the things that you know you will need and use.

3. Control the moisture

Your beautiful bathroom tiles will look just as ugly once mildew ruins them. To avoid this, you need to keep your shower as dry as possible. To do this, you and your family members really need to be disciplined. Wipe the shower doors, walls, and tubs with a squeegee after you shower. This might sound like a piece of work, but in the long run, this will save you from the need to clean stubborn mildew. Leaving the windows open or keeping the exhaust fan as you shower can also help control the moisture. Just make sure to keep your bathroom as dry as possible.

4. Use liquid hand soap instead

As for your sink, you might already be familiar with the sticky pool that bar soaps make. Sometimes, it even leaves a stain! For a cleaner and drier sink, choose liquid hand soaps instead of bar soaps. By just pumping on the bottle, you already get the soap on your hands. Some even have a hands-free dispenser for their soap.

5. Categorize your bathroom cabinet

Tidy up your bathroom cabinet by grouping things and keeping them organized. Have a spot for your skincare separated from other products. Keep the products that you always use more accessible, so you do not need to rummage through your bathroom cabinet. You can also install additional storage on your cabinet door, so you can put in here your bathroom items that have awkward sizes.

6. Apply water repellent on your walls and the door

To keep your walls dry and safe from mildew build-up, you can just apply some water repellent. With a water repellent, your walls would not absorb water easily. Water repellent will just make not only water but also soap and other things bead up and run off the surface.

7. Install hooks or bars

Who wants a wet, smelly hand towel? To keep your towels nice and dry, hang them on a bar installed on the wall where they can be spread out and dry easily. More than this, it will make your bathroom look more organized and refreshing. If you are concerned about space, you can just install a bar on the door. You can also place hooks.

8. Have a reliable cleaning agent

You may have followed all these, but it is still important for you to clean and disinfect your bathroom regularly. With this, make sure to choose a reliable cleaning agent that will keep your bathroom clean yet would not ruin the material of your tiles and others.

Seek efficient items!

Now that you know some of the tips for keeping your bathroom as pristine as it could, you can now clear your mind and rethink the order in your bathroom. If it is messy, then you will need the right items to help you with tidying up. Do you want some useful and elegant storage solutions or a fun and unique one? Whatever the design of your bathroom, storables.com has everything you need. They are complete with racks, cabinets, organizers, and more! It can satisfy either the rustic feel of your interior design or the minimalist.


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