8 SEO Growth Hacks: How to Choose SEO Tools Wisely

Innovation and taking risks is an essential step for any successful company. If you’re just doing the same strategies against your competitors, then the chances of standing out for your business are pretty slim. Well, that is where SEO growth hacks come in. 

Consisting of untested and pioneering upgrades, it aims to increase your organic traffic to double, sometimes triple, with the same amount of time.  So, instead of wasting your time on average SEO upgrades, here are some of the growth hacks that you can apply to see faster and better marketing results. 

Focusing on SEO Growth Hacking

SEO engineers focus on 2 main goals to increase your online marketing reach – improving search ranking and better customer website experience. By creating engaging articles, installing user-friendly features, maximizing loading speed, and more, these SEO techniques can gradually put your site on top of the SERPs. 

Content upgrades like keyword optimization, backlink building, and multimedia tools are also incorporated to make it easier for search engines to find you. So, when you add in growth hacks and untested techniques that have the potential to revolutionize your customer engagement and market reach, the benefits that you reap are doubled.

Growth Hacks

Growth hacks can come in many forms and can be added to different aspects of your marketing strategies. What makes it special is its novel nature, which contributes something new to the netizen experience. A great example of a growth hack is how Airbnb was able to allow their clients to post their apartment listings on Craigslist and establish direct contact. This brilliant upgrade changed the apartment renting industry because it created a faster and easier transaction.

8 SEO Growth Tips

Here are the tried and tested SEO growth hacks that have changed the online market:

  • Hire Far-Reaching PR

The key to establishing authority that you and your PR team should focus on is building trust among your audience through efficient and responsive customer support. Providing reliable information and statistics can also increase trust among your audience. 

Posted reviews and testimonies can greatly add to your company’s reliability too. By leaving a high-quality digital footprint your website will gain better organic traffic. So, if you’re advertising spinal decompression in North York, for example, then include as many facts and data into your content for a far-reaching campaign.


  • Invest in On-page SEO

One of the growth hacks that you shouldn’t overlook is on-page SEO. This strategy heavily focuses on upgrading single web page content that has the potential to go viral. Now, this decision on which web page you should invest in for on-page upgrades depends on the quality of your content and its impact on your targeted audience. 

No type of business will have the same decisions on which content should be optimized, so better hire expert help. If you’re a B2B enterprise, it’s better to hire a B2B SEO specialist to make the decisions. These are the on-page SEO elements that you should invest in to increase your search ranking:

  • Creation of linkable content through trustworthy statistics and infographics
  • Accurate and on point title tags
  • Precise website URL that includes essential keywords for easy identification


  • Check out the Competition

Knowing your competitors’ strategies is a key growth hack to survive in the highly competitive and ever-changing landscape of online search rankings. Be on the lookout for the newest and most effective SEO tools, and beat them to it. 

Try to do your research to determine what they’ve been using and compare it with your current methods. The best tools to survey your competitor’s movement are through software tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs, which enables you to know the keywords and backlinks that they’ve been using. 


  • Create Cornerstone Content

Informative and engaging content should always be a top priority in your online marketing strategies. Interesting and attention-catching articles are limited online. However, you don’t want to write about the same thing over and over again as it would bore your netizens. So, why not create cornerstone content that you can redirect your readers on? 

Cornerstone content refers to the most important and highlighted part of your page. Try to showcase it as much as possible by making articles that support it and go back to it. Doing so will help you regulate your webpage traffic better.


  • Engage Local Customers

Marketing on a local and smaller scale is most useful for businesses that have their stores in specific locations. Other business owners often choose to go global right away with their marketing influence. The problem is this will not do you any good if there is much competition in your local area. 

Instead, focus on advertising within your area or catering to local and loyal customers. By creating a steady and reliable audience, your market influence can organically grow over time as they refer you to their friends and family. You can upgrade your local SEO by using long-tail keywords that are specific to your location. You may also create content that your customers can personally relate to by using the insights that you have regarding the place. 


Being a part of Google’s Featured Snippets can give you high online exposure without having to be number 1 on the search ranking. All you have to do is publish articles that are short and precise, reliable and fact-checked, and easy to comprehend. 

Since featured snippets are usually the first thing that netizens read for instant answers, being included in it is a great advantage. 


  • Control Content-Length

In content and article creation, quantity doesn’t always mean quality. Concisely presenting facts is far better than rambling on endlessly about it. Website creators often fall into this pit by resorting to keyword cannibalization. 

This is when they tend to use the same keywords on different pages just to make it seem longer, which in the end will result in your blog posts competing with each other on the ranking. Avoid this phenomenon by carefully designating and picking out keywords for specific pages. Not only will this improve content readability but search engines will have an easier time increasing your rank. 


  • Upgrade User-experience

Strong customer connections are essential to establishing your authority in search engine rankings. One way to do that is to upgrade your customer’s online experience. A great website should be compatible with different devices, have a high loading speed, and have well-uploaded multimedia elements.  The layout should also be comfortable for your reader’s navigation. Try experimenting on different designs to find out which best suits your clients. 

Encompassing the different aspects of the SEO approach, from keyword use to on-page improvements, growth hacks can launch your company and market influence to a whole new level. 

However, some strategies and upgrades are presented as effective ways to increase your search ranking in a much shorter time. Usually, these recommendations simply don’t work and are just too time-consuming. So, don’t be tricked anymore and follow this list of effective growth hacks and pretty soon, your website will be on top.


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