Best Make ANDROID VS IOS You Will Read This Year in 2019

Android as Google and IOS as Apple’s are the most common and used on the primary level are called the operating system. These are mostly used in mobile technology. With the help of smartphones and many more.

As we know that the android is Linux based and along with it is an open source and more likely used on computers compared to IOS.

Whenever we used to think of purchasing the smartphones we should be aware of its details and its version and all the required things. And also while buying a tablet too.

Because when we want to switch from android to ios or from ios to android then we will require to download the app from the google play store or apple app store.

The world’s most very commonly used platform for smartphone is the android. It used by many smartphones manufactured all over the world but on the other side, Ios is applied to mainly on the Apple devices such as iPhones.

Now let’s see the brief description about the android and ios.

1) as we know that Android is open source similarly ios is closed source along with the open source components.

2) android was introduced or proposed on September 23, 2008, and similarly, ios were invented on July 29, 2007.

3) The developers of androids are google, open handset alliance and on the other side of IOS, the developer is just apple inc.

4) The available languages in the android are more than a hundred (100)similarly in ios there are just 34 (thirty-four) languages available.

5) File transfer in android is easier than ios, by using a USB port or android file transfer desktop app. For transferring photos we can simply use USB port no need of an app. Compared to android the file transfer in ios is quite difficult for transferring file we need to use iTunes desktop apps. And photos can be transferred using USB without app requirement.

6) As Android is used worldwide it is available on many phones and tablets.M any of the manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, LG are totally android based. Similarly, ios are available on iPod touch, iPhones, and iPad.

7) on android internet browsing is done on google chrome as well as other browsers are also available. Similarly, in ios, internet browsing is done on mobile safari and here also other browsers are also available.

8) On Android, we can do video chat on google duo and other 3rd party apps. And similarly, in ios, we can do video chat on facetime (apple devices only) and also other 3rd party devices .

9) In Android, the voice commands are given on google now and as well as google assistant. Same as in ios the voice commands are given on Siri.

10) The working state of both android and ios are current.

11) The battery life and management of Android is that the devices are provided with large batteries and longer life. Similarly, in IOS the battery life and management is that the apple batteries are normally not as big as android batteries. However, Apple can squeeze or manage its battery life through hardware or software optimization.

12) In the Android system, many application are available for automatic backups of photos and videos if we are out with our device, and also google photos provides unlimited backups for photos and many other apps are available for getting backups of photos and videos. Similarly, in IOS system maximum up to few GB we can get backup of photos and videos automatically using cloud and if we want more space on the cloud then we have to provide rent to cloud for using extra space. And all other vendors like Google, Amazon and many other online portals or applications have auto backup apps. Nowadays all applications provide backups

13) Software operating system of both Android and IOS are excellent.

People like or used to say that apple product just like works. It is definitely true about ios that it is very easy to use. But similarly thinking of the other side android is we used one then there is no need to use another one.


Important: Android is programmed in c, c++, java, and kotlin while on the other side the IOS is programmed in c, c++, objective c, and swift.


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