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iPhone 15

Loyal apple users or new users, apple has always been revolutionising the gadget industry with a wave. This time it is about the Apple iPhone 15 pro series.  There has been new add ons always, this time what is it going to be?

Apple iphone mystery for new series continues here. Let us answer this in detail as to what the new 15 series is going to look like and what features will it be holding on to its users.

Ultra magnifying zoom lens

The world is running on things to gain better from where ever possible. Here, as per the statements of Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone 15 pro will have a periscope style or optimal zoom capabilities type of telephoto lens. This give a better quality as there is a chance of 6 times optimal zoom to the new iPhone 15 pro max. We have been wondering here, where is the technology leading. Hats off to apple!

There will be four new models to iPhone

There are many similarities with the earlier series wherein, the iPhone 15 will have four new models based on the sizes. This time, it is going to be available in two sizes 6.1 inch iPhone 15 series and two of the 6.7 inch models for iPhone 15.

Amongst these, there will be a a plus series in the 6.7 apple iPhone  and. 6.1 iPhone 15. Also the other two will be 6.7 iPhone pro max and 6.1 iPhone pro.

A luxurious titanium frame

Titanium is a very user friendly and light weight material. The reports suggest there might be a great possibility that the iPhone 15 series will be in the same style as the apple watch. The use of titanium here in the apple iPhone 15 is to make it ultra light and durable for a user friendly functioning. Kudos to iPhone to think so well about their customers.

Type C port helping in a quicker data transfer

As per the long old reports, we were told that all the chargers are going to change to type C. Apple iPhone 15 is the game changer here to get the type C much faster data transfer USB in hand. MFi-certified Type-C cables are been the ideal goals for apple to put in. Here, the apple charging cable is the only option for a smooth and fast experience as per the company.

All the four models of apple iPhone 15 have Dynamic Island

The reports also suggest, the new apple iPhone 15 is going to have a lovely panel of pill shaped area. This area of iphone called the Dynamic island not only has the camera hardware showing there on the screen. But also serves as the shape changer for notifications as per the apps. This is a really handy feature to have on your screen. Saves us time and effort to open everything individually.

The processor of 3mm is going to be super efficient

So there are Bionic processors used to run this super efficient iPhone. And here the iPhone 15 and 15 plus are going to have the older or pre used A16 Bionic processor. While, the iPhone 15 pro and pro max are going to have a brand new A17 bionic processor. This new A17 bionic processor is said to have been manufactured using the TSMC’s 3nm process.

Also the new iPhone 15 is going to use the U2( ultra- wideband) chip, which is many terms is much much better than the U1 chip.

The new iPhone 15 also have upgardes like the features of a faster wireless data speed as it has the new 5G modem. Wifi is also 6E and the bluetooth is also a new version i.e. 5.3.

Price for new apple series launches are always inclined

Apple always revolutionises the tech gadget game. This comes at a cost the material and input that go in making the new series with add on features. The price of iPhone is always seen to increment from generations to generations. This time apple iPhone 15 series pro and pro max are expected to see a rise of $200 from the last series. Let’s assume the better functions and better experience must come with a price.

We are definitely looking forward to the new iPhone 15 series and hope we have been informative about the changes seen in the same!

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