5 Essential Apps That Help You During Divorce

These apps help make the divorce *less* nasty.
5 Essential Apps That Help You During Divorce

These apps help make the divorce *less* nasty.


Generally speaking, divorcing your spouse in the US costs a whopping $15,500. Of course, the cost of divorce fluctuates depending on several factors such as how bitter is your relationship, household income, area of residence, etc.

And after all that, there’s always the emotional cost. According to psychologists, divorce is the second-most stressful experience that an individual has to go through. (First is the death of a child or a spouse.)

One of the primary reasons why divorce is so taxing is because the family law system is faulty. Different jurisdictions have different rules and even if you get everything right, you’ll probably find all the courts clogged.

Which is why entrepreneurs and attorneys together are giving divorce the much-needed modern makeover by inventing apps to streamline the entire process.

However, using a divorce app isn’t the solution for everything. It’s important that there is still communication during divorce, so both parties are on the same page.

We bring you five divorce websites and apps that will help you get by with less struggle and pain and definitely less money.


– It’s Over Easy

Created by Wasser, this website enables individuals to file their uncontested divorce without court visits and lawyers.

Their main aim is to change the way we as a society perceive divorce. They provide tools from spousal to child support calculators to asset organizers that you can apply to your own situation.

They offer three levels of pricing depending upon the type of service you need:

  • Simple divorce without children, filing with the court yourself – $750
  • Couples with children with filing included – $1,500
  • Couples with children with child support calculators included – $2,500


– Divorceify

Founded by Casey Shevin, a successful divorce lawyer in New York explains that Divorceify is the roadmap to your divorce.

The website provides free connections to support groups, mediators, therapists and financial advisors near your area that will help you through your entire process and significantly decrease the amount of money spent on lawyers.

It isn’t wrong to call this website the ‘divorce GPS’ that looks at your circumstances and points you in the right direction.


– Dtour.Life

Do lawyers make use of technology?


Which makes collecting even the most basic financial documents expensive, slow and painstaking for clients.

This is where Dtour.Life comes in. An application that enables everyone involved in the divorce (from spouses and financial advisors to lawyers) to access the case data, documents and reports to collaborate online.

In addition to that, it also syncs bank and credit card accounts to produce asset and expense reports.

The best part, though?

It only costs $19 each month.


– Worthy

What do you do with all the jewellery that was given to you by your partner?

Instead of shoving it into your closet, infuse it with some much-needed cash.

Enter Worthy. It’s an online marketplace where you can sell your jewellery to 750+ buyers during a two-day auction. It’s secure, easy and fast and charges a commission ranging from 5% to 20% depending on the quality of the jewellery.


– Our Family Wizard

Even though joint custody after a divorce can be in the best interest of the kids, it can take a toll on the parents.

Our Family Wizard app reduces the stress by simplifying the logistics by giving shared access to the payments, expenses and parenting schedule.

Any changes in the schedule can directly be sent through the app. Additionally, the ToneMeter function allows you to identify and flag emotionally charged messages to help keep the process civil.

Almost all courts recommend the app as a co-parenting tool. You can subscribe to it for $99 every year.


Wrap Up

While nothing can make divorce completely stress-free, these apps and websites sure can make divorce less costly. You can seek help and support from friends and family but you’ll need to rely on such websites and apps for ongoing divorce.


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