Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2019

Artificial Intelligence Books

Artificial Intelligence Books

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the ability of machines to imitate human behavior and has come a long way – from nightmares and mad dreams to self-driving cars and automated factories. We bring you a list of artificial intelligence books that showcase rabid speculations, rich history, and intriguing (yet bizarre) theories from the world of artificial intelligence.


Here’s a list of seven artificial intelligence books you must read in 2019:


  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This one’s a gem for those of you who are interested in A.I space and want to gain a deeper understanding of the same.

This tops the list of artificial intelligence books because this book allows you to explore new spheres and develop a deeper understanding of the whole concept so that you know what’s coming next. 

This classic provides a perfect introduction to the science of reasoning processes in computers based on more than twenty years of research.

Machine learning, industrial automation, software techniques, automatic programming, psychological stimulation, predicate-calculus theorem are just some of the subjects that have been made easier to understand because of clear illustrations and diagrams.

Author: Philip C Jackson

Price: INR 1100


  1.  Deep Learning

Are you an experienced engineer who wants to gain serious knowledge about Deep learning? This one’s for you.

This book is one of the best artificial intelligence books when it comes to coding as it assists you to start coding with all frameworks.

This book addresses subjects like hidden layers, generative models, and convulsion making it easier to understand and get going faster.

Author: Aaron Courville, Yoshua Bengio and Ian Goodfellow

Price: $41.45


  1. How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed

Ray Kurzweil’s book is spot on. Kurzweil takes his audience into the future civilizations dominated by machines and describes the progress of intelligent machines.

With clear theme explanations, learning from example, quantification of uncertainty perception and communication this book perfectly concludes with a discussion of age-old foundations of artificial intelligence as well as an in-depth examination for what’s in store for us.

This book is ideal for all individuals who are passionate about advanced machine learning and the correlation between humanity and intelligent machines.

Author: Ray Kurzweil

Price: INR 735


  1. Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction

Today, reinforcement learning is perhaps one of the hottest topics in the field of artificial intelligence. This comprehensive book makes it to the artificial intelligence books to-read-list because it provides key algorithms and insights related to reinforcement learning.

The book has cleverly been divided into three sections – first dedicated to an understanding of the Markov decision process, second dedicated to basic solutions like Monte Carlo methods, dynamic programming, etc. and third dedicated to providing a unified view of solution methodology. It covers all topics from eligibility traces to artificial neural networks.

All in all, this book does a fantastic job when it comes to covering the latest applications and developments of reinforcement learning as well as its conceptual foundations.

This book is a must-read for all engineers who want to stay on top of their game by studying the latest trends in the field of artificial intelligence and want to gain a clear understanding of reinforcement learning.

Author: Andrew G. Barto and Richard S. Sutton

Price: INR 5600


  1. Machines of Loving Grace

This book provides a rich and detailed history of artificial intelligence and robotics. It makes it to our artificial intelligence books to-read-list because it highlights the interplay of increasing intelligence and automation and it’s impact on human societies.

This book also throws light on the topic of intelligence automation (IA) and tells us why building a human element in technology is necessary.

Author: John Markoff

Price: INR 475

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