The Best Mobile Apps For Seniors

There are specific apps for seniors that help simplify their lives.
The Best Mobile Apps For Seniors

Digitalization is on its peak, and mobile trends are going flawless. In the usual context, modern mobile applications are the target designs for young generations. Often the application stores of Google and Apple mainly are flooded with social media and entertainment applications.

Well, the retired persons are nowhere in the target audience list for such apps. If you are in a misconception that mobile applications are only for teenagers, then give your thoughts a refresh.

Many applications are now a helpful tool for the seniors as well with the utmost usability. Senior citizens can gain many benefits from such applications with good navigation design and make their daily life easier. There are a lot of digital tools that can make the lives of senior citizens worthy.

With an increase in age, there is a decline in memory. There are specific apps for seniors, which can help them to remember daily tasks like taking medicines.

The seniors are a different segment totally, and therefore, they may be interested in some unique supplies. We have compiled a handy list of some useful applications for seniors in this article that are the best versions of this year. 

Find out which of the following is the most suitable for you to use and download it:


1. Blood Pressure Monitor

The Best Mobile Apps For Seniors
The Best Mobile Apps For Seniors: Blood Pressure Monitor


Most of the aged people have an issue regarding their blood pressure and body weight. The blood pressure monitor application lets them check their blood pressure and avail statistical information about the same.

This application also lets people measure their body weight. In case it is not utmost accurate, but it serves the best possible estimates for the required purpose.

When you are in need of measuring these statistics, you are not required to call your doctor anymore. The seniors can use this application and can even share the statistics with their doctor easily. This application serves the benefits free of cost on the platform of the iPhone only. 


2. iBooks and Kindle

As the name itself suggests, it is an iPhone application that allows to download e-books directly from iTunes and read it on your Apple device.

The senior people who get bored with reading the books but still want to read can start downloading this application right away. The one who possesses an android device can opt for Kindle.

If you wish to owe a separate device specifically for your device, they can also go for Kindle. The application helps the seniors in letting them fulfil their love for words.

They render free services and access to thousands of books. If you are not sure about a book, then you can download a few pages. Once you like it, you can download the whole document. 



3. Find My Phone

There are two applications. One, Find my Phone, and another, Find my iPhone. Both of these applications have the same purpose. Even adults forget their phones by leaving them anywhere.

Similarly, the seniors may forget about their phones after keeping it to someplace and have no idea about the same. These applications are for both Apple and Android. It helps in relocating the phone for you.

It is free of cost and easy-to-use-medium. Imagine a situation where you had been with your old mates at a restaurant.

You had your good food and you found that your phone is not with you by reaching your home! If you have installed Find my Phone in your device no need for panicking. You will soon see your smartphone again!


4. Epicurious

Are you a food-lover? Do you love to cook? This app has a world of more than 30,000 food recipes within its seamless significance!

The application lets you sync your list and organize your favourite recipes on this app. It has a voice control function entitled as “Cook Mode” that lets you browse your kitchen by being hands-free.

If you are getting bored with cooking that same old and pathetic recipes than Epicurious has a lot new to offer. You will never get uninterested in your kitchen and can cook delicious food daily with the wonder of this app.

There is no need to spend on buying a new recipe book. This app is free for iPhone and Android users both.


5. Mint

When you retire you only retire from earning the penny. It certainly does not mean that you stop spending. The Mint app is like a personal financial planner to you.

It is the platform that lets you sync all your bank accounts on a single base and plan your finance accordingly. You can set standards for your budget and expenditures. When you go beyond this limitation, the app will show you alerts.

It shows your spending in the form of charts and percentages for what you have spent on groceries, transportation, fuel payments, etc. With developing sophistication in spending habits, one can plan the finance well and thereby save more! 


6. Pillboxie

The Best Mobile Apps For Seniors
The Best Mobile Apps For Seniors: Pillboxie


Many a time, it becomes difficult to remember your daily number of medicines. Most of the seniors get habituated with taking several medications for their well-being.

The Pillboxie app helps them with organizing the tricky task of remembering routine medications. The app allows you to make your customized Pillboxie with your specific demands and also give a feature of setting alarms.

With the help of this, a senior person can easily pull out the vital medicine every day without giving a miss! This app is capable of operating in both the Android and Apple devices. This tool is thoroughly cost-free. 

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Wrap up

Apart from these tools, you can find a lot more helpful apps for seniors as per their daily demand. To name a few, skype, Lumosity, WordBrain, and even app like NetFlix is found useful for the seniors.

This summary of the best apps is for a better senior living. These apps are capable of converting cut-throat technological advancements into easily accessible life tools that can uplift the quality of life. Download them today!


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