Best Moving Apps For First-Time House Movers

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If you’re moving houses for the first time, you’ll likely experience some hiccups along the way. After all, moving isn’t as easy as just grabbing your things and fitting everything in your car. Your move will likely happen while you’re studying, working, or even handling some things in the household. However, just because you might be extra busy doesn’t mean moving will be impossible. In fact, if you’re holding a smartphone or a device right now, you might be able to facilitate your move right on your very fingertips. Thanks to some handy moving apps, your move can become quite a breeze without you even knowing it! Here are some of the best moving apps for first-time house movers:


  • MagicPlan lets you visualize your rooms. Why imagine how your things will fit your new home when you can actually see it happen in real life? With MagicPlan, users can scan various rooms to create an accurate floor plan for their new home. Moreover, they can drag and drop various objects via the app in order to create an accurate simulation of how certain furniture and items would fit that particular room. This might make it easier for homeowners to direct professionals such as movers in Manhattan NYC as to where they would like their things to go to, and may even help speed up the negotiation process when hiring them as they can make quotations much faster based on the floor plan and the inventory in question. 
  • Shortly manages your organization’s needs. One of the best ways to start fixing your move is to organize essentials such as your inventory. Instead of creating a list from scratch, Sortly enables you to create a visual inventory of things you own. As such, you won’t be confused when trying to find any item you’ve put somewhere. Thanks to the app, you can add things such as product information and photos to be able to create a database you and your family can access throughout the move. 
  • Letgo enables you to sell your belongings to interested parties. Gone are the days of having to create separate listings for your old belongings and praying for some people to take notice. If you’re moving and have created an inventory, you’ll likely want to sell or throw away some of your things. Letgo is a handy app that can enable you to create various listings of your old items and sell them in a community actually interested in looking for second-hand items. Moreover, Letgo users are arranged based on proximity, meaning your listing will reach the eyes of those nearby. 
  • TaskRabbit lets you hire others to do simpler tasks. If you need the extra manpower but don’t have enough resources to hire another professional team to do it, you may be able to get the necessary help with TaskRabbit. This app can help you connect with taskers in your area that can help you accomplish various tasks for a reasonable price. This means you can get help when it comes to basic things such as carrying things around, installing basic things, or having a helping hand on tasks that are up to par with the tasker’s abilities. 
  • MoveAdvisor can help supervise your move. Thanks to MoveAdvisor, first-time movers now have access to a convenient app that’s specifically tailored for house moves. The app has features such as the creation of home inventory, managing and organizing a moving timeline, and even a handy in-app calculator that can help you calculate the costs of your move should you decide to hire specialists like Manhattan moving companies that may provide quotations based on different factors. 


Apps For First-Time House Movers: Get Moving!

Thanks to the above apps, you may be able to conduct your house move for the first time without having any issues. In fact, thanks to these handy apps, you’ll have a much more comfortable time handling both your move and your other responsibilities. Remember, your moving success is all a matter of being able to plan your move strategically and being able to execute your plans carefully and precisely. Good luck and happy moving! 

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