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In this pandemic, everyone had to reimagine the world in ways no one ever thought of. This involves settling in with the work from home routine, being productive at home, and making sure you have enough avenues of entertainment. This is a great opportunity to connect with your family and friends by planning activities without compromising social distancing. Secondly, if you are streaming for a while, and looking for something different, it is time to get cable TV. You cannot just rely on these streaming platforms when major sporting events are going on, the results from US elections are just pouring in, and all the entertainment that comes along.

Therefore, if you are one of those people looking to set-up cable TV for the first time or looking to give it a shot once again, we came up with a list of best TV providers for 2020. However, before signing up for any provider, look over the plans, and choose one wisely. There are a lot of discounts being offered these days and it is the right time to get one on promotion.

Without further ado, here are some best TV providers for 2020:


Spectrum is a household name in the United States. It has a service span across 41 states in the country. The extensive coaxial cable network is spread widely across the country providing high-speed internet, cable, and digital phone service. Spectrum offers great TV plans for every household. If you are looking for something in a budget, get the most basic Select plan. If you are looking for a high-tier plan, get Spectrum Silver or Gold. These plans have well over 175 channels in the lineup belonging to every genre. Moreover, there are top-of-the-line premium channels as well.

No-contracts, affordable monthly charges, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and excellent customer service make Spectrum one of the top TV providers for 2020.


AT&T is one of the biggest providers in the country with a countrywide service span. The provider is known for its extensive serviceability and customized plans to meet the needs of every household. The provider has DSL connectivity in the majority of the areas while AT&T has already launched fiber in some areas. This will expand in the days to come. The DirecTV plans come with extensive channel lineups. You can find all the popular news, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, comedy, music, shopping, and movies channel. The most basic plan is the Entertainment package while the high-tier plans include Choice, Ultimate, and Premium plans. All of these plans include thousands of on-demand titles to watch whenever you want.

Cox Communication

Cox is another great choice for TV. The Contour plans involve extensive channel lineups, advanced DVR functionality, and extensive on-demand titles for your liking. You can bundle your TV service with high-speed internet and avail some amazing discounts. Cox Bronze Duo includes Contour TV and internet plan. The download speeds are blazing fast and you can enjoy cable with state-of-the-art cable boxes. The plans are quite affordable. Some of them come with a contract and you can skip contracts by signing up for an auto-payment. Most importantly, Cox has just the right plans for you. If you are a TV minimalist looking for the basic plans, the Cox Starter plan is a perfect fit for you. It has all the local channels like ABC, FOX, TBS, and CW. However, you will miss out on sports channels.

Verizon Fios TV

If you are looking for fiber technology for your home, Verizon Fios TV should be the ultimate choice. The connection is faster than the traditional cable. You can connect multiple TVs at a time. Most importantly, it does not require an annual contract. Previously, TV service was only available as a bundle with internet service. Now, you can get a standalone TV service. Fios helps you customize your plan so that you have the channels you like to watch. You can choose 5 channels that are mostly viewed at your home and Fios recommends you a channel lineup according to this choice.

Final Verdict

Before choosing a TV provider, make sure you understand the contract term, promotion duration, taxes, surcharges, or any other condition on the plan. Once you get a plan, sit back and enjoy it!




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