Best Websites or Apps for Job

Job searches are difficult. Finding the right career path is difficult. There are times when you are a fresher and you don’t know how you would get your first job when you want to switch industries, or looking to restart your career after a long break. You require a mentor to guide you and help you take the right next step in such situations. Fortunately for the internet, all of the solutions are now at your disposal with a single click. 

These apps will not only help you find the right jobs but also give you insights about your salary, reviews of organizations, as well as tips for your career. Having an updated profile on such platforms shows the employer that you are aware and serious about your profession. You can post about your experience, education and it can act as a resume for you. 

Here are some must-have and most popular websites and apps for career building. 


Here you can find millions of job profiles and thousands of companies to send your resume to conduct an interview. Indeed will fulfill all your expectations when it comes to finding a perfect job profile. Simply create your profile and send the resume to the company according to your job profile. 


CareerBuilder lets you find the job in your surroundings when you create your profile and give all the information according to your expectations. You can easily find the recruiters in your area in case you don’t want to move outside your city. All you need is to upload your resume, either by scanning or uploading it. 


Linkedin is like a second home for professionals. Linkedin is one of the best platforms to find for yourself a perfect job. Linkedin lets you connect with people of your industry, HRs of organization and others. Through these connections, you can find job opportunities. You can directly approach many executives through Linkedin which will increase your chances of getting a job. through its posting features, you can get insights related to interviews, corporate behavior, profession, etc.


Glassdoor is a reliable source for getting salary and interview related insights for any organization. You can search for any particular job profile, understand what the company looks for and requires, compare the salary across organizations and much more. It sources its content from employees and the actual interview 

experiences which make it a good learning experience. 


Snagajob is an easy job finder, particularly for hourly jobs. You can find both a part-time job or a full-time job. After filling in your details and adding your social profile from Facebook or Google, browse hourly positions in your area and click to apply. With a single click, you can apply for the job you want. 


Switch lets you connect directly with hiring managers. You can upload your resume and connect with their social and professional media profile. Switch reveals a candidate’s identity to one employer at a time, only after he or she matched with that employer. When candidates and employers match, they can chat through the app only. So you can find jobs the dating way.

The app users find the job and the career which benefits their overall well being. Through personality quizzes, you will find the job according to your personality. This makes it easier for employers to understand whether or not the employee will fit in the work culture and be adaptable to the workplace.

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