Blender Mistakes We’ve All Been Guilty Of


Blenders help you with many kitchen tasks very cheaply and efficiently. When your gadget is engaged in preparing a single particular blending product type, then you are limiting your blender from giving you all you deserve out of it.

Maybe you have been used to a particular blending type, and you feel it is time to upgrade to more home-made salad dressing or puree on top of your usual smoothie by looking for another new blender that can do this task, you may as well be making some common blender mistakes by forgetting some of your blender’s best features that can make a difference.

I want to take you through the tricks that can help you maximize the use of your blender while you minimize your efforts using it.

1. Do You Invest In An Effective Machine?

It is only reasonable for those who want to acquire a blender to get a good one. Moreover,  this appliance comprises the jar, it’s blade, and a motor as its three major parts.

A well-made and operational appliance should be able to coordinate these parts to blend the ingredients quickly and easily.

Ensure you pay attention to these main parts such that they are made of the best quality materials that can enable your appliance to last.

2. Must You Spend Much Money For A Good Blender?

There is much your blender can help you do despite not spending much on buying it. You can still find less expensive types that can best serve your daily kitchen tasks. You can check some of them here.

Many people prefer cost-effective blenders that can crush ice much faster, slowly incorporating oil to make homemade smooth almond butter which turns out a fine smoothie even with fibrous ingredients. 

3. Do You Use It For Other Tasks Outside Your Kitchen?

Many people don’t realize that blenders can be used in many other places to make items to use all around the house including the laundry and bathroom apart from just mixing edible ingredients in the kitchen.

For example, you can use blenders to make homemade skincare products and laundry detergents, and bathroom cleaners that you can easily use your blender to start up in a matter of seconds.

4. Do You Use It To Spin Smoothies Alone?

Many people love and enjoy blended smoothies, however, when it comes to food, this appliance is best for much more than just smoothies which can be sipped by a straw.

In the kitchen, blenders have been used to crush ice, grind seeds and spices more efficiently than some food processors.

5. Don’t Ignore Its Green Qualities?

Have you asked yourself whether to throw away the green leafy part of a carrot or extra fruit and vegetable scraps and bruised apple pieces. This appliance will help you consume the healthy ingredients contained in these nutritious food items which can’t be eaten fresh without the aid of this gadget.

6. Do You Follow Any Order In Putting Content Into The Blender?

For your optimal blending, it advisable that you add ingredients to your blender in an order beginning with liquids, then followed by powder, solids, and finally frozen.

When you pour liquids in first will allow for the free movement of blades once you turn your machine on, then add powder so that they don’t stick to the lid followed by soft foods and finally frozen fruits and raw vegetables.

Frozen fruits or ice are among the heaviest of all the ingredients, and for that matter, they will push down other ingredients towards the blade.

7. Have You Filled The Jar To The Brim?

Filling the blender bowl to the brim is a big blender mistake especially when you are blending hot contents that create steam, and if you try to do a full blender bowl of hot soup, you are likely to have the lid shoots off giving you a total mess overflown soup everywhere in your kitchen.

8. Is Your Lid Loose?

When setting, ensure you add the lid with some force to avoid a flying lid. Take precaution to ensure that you buy a blender with a good lid and center cap that allows access to your food during preparation without stopping it.

9. Do You Forget It Is Money Saving Abilities?

All homemade hacks can contribute to your overall grocery saving. Grinding flour for yourself can help you save a lot of money. Homemade creams, almond butter prove to be way more affordable than their already packed and processed counterparts from the store.


The above nine lists are some of the possible blender mistakes that you might make daily without knowing.

After going through them, you can now begin to make proper and efficient use of your best blender faster and safely.



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