The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Electronics Online

In the past few years, online shopping has become like second nature to most of us.
The Beginner’s Guide To Buying Electronics Online


  • Are you looking to buy your next smartphone or laptop or even your television through some e-commerce platforms?
  • Do you know some things, which you should look for, before making a purchase from online platforms?
  • Have you bought electronic items before, and felt bad about the poor quality of the same on online platforms?


In the past few years, online shopping has become like second nature to most of us.

We are using online platforms (eCommerce) to fulfilling all our shopping needs.

Whether it is food, or grocery, or fashion, or pet supplies, or online therapy like that with BetterHelp we always have a platform for every aspect of our lives. 

One area where online shopping has acted as a major disruptive force is in purchasing electronics online.

Most of us have stopped walking into stores altogether to buy electronics.

This includes your smartphones, televisions, headsets, laptops, tech accessories and so on. 

In this beginner’s guide, we are going to look at important ways to help you make the best out of your online electronics buying experience.

We will also look at some mistakes buyers should look out for when purchasing electronics online. 


The Evolution of Ecommerce in 2020 and beyond

According to data, it is estimated that nearly 2 billion of the world’s population have engaged in online buying.

This means that both from the perspective of the seller as well the buyer, e-commerce is essential to success. 

However, while there are some brands, who are looking to make the most from eCommerce sales, others are not serious.

This means that from a consumer standpoint, even though eCommerce can be a great and convenient opportunity, it is necessary to select the right e-commerce online platforms. 

With e-commerce sales expected to breach the $5 trillion mark in 2020, brick and mortar stores are slowing down in a massive manner.

Most brands are using online platforms aggressively to reach out to consumers and generate revenues. 


What kind of Online Platforms you should stay away from when buying Electronics?

According to experts, it is best to avoid buying electronic items from multi-category e-commerce platforms.

You have your industry leaders, where the chances of things going wrong are reduced.

However, solo platforms, dealing only with technology can also help you in many ways. 

For example, dedicated e-commerce platforms dealing only in tech items are experts in that domain.

In terms of the product quality, the genuineness of the product, or the pricing, these platforms are sure to deliver the best. 

For example, a Samsung exclusive store by Rack85, is a great place to buy mobile accessories, smartwatches, covers and headphones from Samsung.

You can rest assured that you are purchasing from a credible vendor who only deals with the best products at the best prices. 

You should also stay away from making purchases directly from susceptible Affiliate Marketing platforms.

These websites do not store or give you credible information.

All they are interested in is getting a commission off your sale. Hence, it is best to avoid them when it comes to purchasing electronics online. 


Advantages of using Online Platforms for buying Electronics

The Beginner’s Guide To Buying Electronics Online

We all know how online platforms have addressed the convenience factor for users.

However, the saving of time and money is not enough.

Consumers use e-commerce platforms for buying electronics and other tech products for a variety of advantages. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. The option of comparing between different electronic items from different brands. 
  2. Detailed information, including integrated product reviews from real users. 
  3. Discounts, cashback, EMI options, and lower prices compared to physical stores. 
  4. Access to new products and attest launches from brands on digital platforms first.
  5. Shopping at your own free will and time, without getting influenced by anyone.
  6. Digital Bill, Warranty and Transaction statements that do not get lost. 
  7. The home delivery option is very good during the COVID-19 crisis. 

In the following section, we will look at five things, which you should check out before making your first online purchase. 


5 Things to look for before you make and Electronics purchase Online

1. Does the online platform has a Social Media Presence?

One of the surest ways to check up on whether a platform is genuine or not is to search for its social media pages.

Authentic platforms always look to use their social media pages for announcing deals, new launches. Contests, giveaways and price discounts.

If the online platform has an active social presence, it is a genuine platform to buy electronics. 


2. Can you reach out to the platform through Chat and Email for support?

A good and credible platform will always be open in its communication with its audiences.

This means that they will have chat support and email support to clear all your doubts.

Before making, your first purchase is sure to drop the platform a message and see their response.

This will help you make your decision of going ahead with the electronics’ purchase. 


3. Is the Online Platform investing in a Blog Section?

If you really want to understand how good or genuine a brand is, look up their blog section.

Brands, which want to be successful digitally, invest in their blogs.

This helps them offer credible information and education to their audiences, building trust in the process.

A blog is a part of an Inbound Marketing strategy, which helps a brand get consumers through credibility. 


4. Does the platform stock the latest tech products?

A very simple way to differentiate between a good platform and a great platform is the product offering.

Great platforms always stock and display the latest releases from brands.

This helps them attract audiences.

As soon as the brand launches something, good digital e-commerce platforms start selling the same immediately from their platforms. 


5. Check for the Warranty and After-sales service aspect

If the online platform is not offering a brand warranty, you should not even give it a double thought.

This automatically means that they are storing defective products, which might have some sort of manufacturing issue.

A good platform offers the same manufacturer’s warranty, in the same manner, you would get if you would be buying from a physical store. 



Many brands all over the world now want to have a digital-first or digital-only presence.

This helps them cut down on enormous rental costs that are necessary for setting up a physical store.

While the traditional brick-and-mortar store will continue to exist, millennials and Gen Z are always going to prefer online e-commerce platforms to physical stores. 

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