Can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen?

Eye glass cleaner

Every day we are using our computer for different reasons. But how many times do we keep this thing in our mind that it also needs regular maintenance? Well, the answer will be negative for most people. Because of this careless attitude, we don’t realize that the screen of our computer gets filthy over time. When we notice this matter, we want to clean the screen of our computer with the available cleaners that we have.

For example, if you have no computer screen cleaners in your house and the only thing that you have is an eyeglass cleaner. Then I’m quite sure that what you may think? If you’re thinking, Can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen? The proper answer actually depends on what sort of cleaners you have and what kind of chemical they are containing. The answers will vary depending on the chemical you have. 

Can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen?

As I mentioned earlier, it is a little bit tough to give an undeviating answer to this question. Actually, it depends on what sort of cleaners that you’re using. Because most of the screen manufacturers don’t recommend using eyeglass cleaner to clean your computer screen. The reason is most of the cleaning materials contain harsh chemicals and liquid that may directly damage your computer screen.

But if you are using Peeps Eyeglass Lens Cleaner or something like that then there is a possibility to use this cleaner to clean your computer screen. The reason is it is a chemical and liquid-free solution to clean your eyeglass or computer screen. Any cleaners that maintain this type of characteristics are safe for your computer screen. For your better understanding, below in this segment, I’m going to explain what kind of eyeglass cleaners are peeps and why you could use this type of cleaners for your computer screen also. 

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

Eye glass cleaner


The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is built with the latest aerospace-carbon technology. This technology is already approved and used by NASA & Space-X for getting a clear view without any reflections. Peeps actually use the same technology for cleaning sunglasses and eyeglasses by maintaining the same quality that has been used in the aerospace industry.

Peeps don’t contain any harsh chemicals or liquid for cleaning your glasses like other regular eyeglasses cleaner. It uses molecular-carbon technology that gives the user anti-glare glasses. Now the answer is that you are looking for the question that Can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen? The answer is yes if your eyeglass cleaner is similar to peeps and doesn’t contain any liquid or harsh chemical. 


What should you use to clean your computer screen?

While the matter is about cleaning your computer screen, you should skip all types of liquid and chemical solutions. Though sometimes you can use eyeglass cleaner to clean your computer screen but shouldn’t make it a daily routine. Because the screen of your computer is too fragile to handle the pressure of the eyeglass cleaner that we usually use. So it would be great if you keep this thing in your mind while you’re thinking: Can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen?


What is the right product to clean your computer screen?

No one wants to damage their computer screen when the purpose is just to clean the screen. Now to avoid any potential or unwanted damages from your computer screen while cleaning it. First, you have to get a clear idea of how dirty your screen is? If your screen contains a lot of dust then wiping your screen with a clean microfiber cloth is all enough.

If you are not familiar with a microfiber cloth then you must be seen that when we purchase an eyeglass or laptop we get a small piece of cloth inside. These types of cloth are specially designed to deal with the microscopic structure. It will help you to grab any kind of dust, liquids, and bacterias also. 

Although you can use your unused T-shirt for cleaning your computer screen. But there is a high risk of creating scratches on your computer screen because there might be metal or any hard object contained with your cloth and you forgot about that. Even you are not suggested to use a paper towel also because they are also considered as an abrasive material.

Now if you are in a situation that the dirt appears on your computer screen is doesn’t get removed by wiping it with a cloth. Then you can try distilled water but not directly because the excess water could enter on the inner part of the computer screen through the edges. Just spray some water on a microfiber cloth and wipe down the dirt. 

Can I Use Alcohol or wipes to clean my screen?

You should never use any ordinary-wet or alcohol wipes to remove the dust from your computer screen. Because these things contain a harsh chemical that may strip your screen from its anti-reflective coating. If this coating is damaged then you won’t get a clear view that you used to be. Even the manufacturer of computer screens directly prohibits using this sort of cleaners because they could directly damage your computer screen.

Final Thought

Cleaning the computer screen is necessary for maintaining its health and removing its dust that is filthy over time. Now if you don’t have dedicated computer screen cleaners then to clean your screen. You’ll look at what you have.

Now if you have an eyeglass cleaner at your house then possibly you might be thinking that Can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen? In the above article, I have explained this matter when you can or when you can’t use an eyeglass cleaner to clean your computer screen. 


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