Christmas link-round up: 5 links to prep your home


It’s almost upon us; there are just days to go. However, for many of us at least, the Christmas decorations were put up a long time ago. The impact of 2020 meant that many households got into the spirit earlier than usual, but today is all about those finishing touches that can bring even more festivity to your home.

We have collated five links to help get your home over the final Christmas hurdle and prepare itself for guests.

Elle Decor – 21 creative ways to decorate your staircase for Christmas

Firstly, let’s turn to Elle Decor. The staircase is often forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of Christmas; we’re all far too busy decorating the tree and all of the other stereotypical areas of the home.

This is the year you should change the above strategy. All will be revealed upon visiting the Elle Decor link above, which shows 21 fascinating ways to decorate your staircase. Some include wrapping garlands around the banister, while others might focus on using several wreaths. It’s a great place to start for your staircase.

Avas Flowers – The best types of flowers for Christmas

The next link comes via Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers has built a solid reputation in the florist world and when it comes to Christmas, their displays are second to none.

Granted, you have to know which ‘types’ of flowers are suitable for Christmas. After all, as beautiful as they look, a bouquet of roses might not fit the bill. However, consider something like a poinsettia, and then you’re talking…

Country Living – 80 DIY Christmas wreaths to give your guests the prettiest welcome

In truth, before we visited this next page from Country Living, we didn’t even know you could fathom eighty different ways to create a Christmas wreath! However, apparently, you can, and as the page shows, there are some stunning displays.

Fear not, either. Some of these wreaths are far easier than you could ever imagine to put together, while others are a stretch away from the ‘classic’ wreath and venture into something far more unique.

Ideal Home – Christmas table decoration ideas that will set the scene for your festive feast

Next, let’s turn to the area of the home which gets the most attention on the big day itself – the table. We all like to make extra effort with table decorations, but this guide provides some top-line inspiration. It’s not going to tell you how to make all of your Christmas crackers, but it will provide some unique inspiration to make your table a little different from the norm.

Real Homes – Christmas window displays and decorating ideas to copy for the holidays

The last link comes courtesy of Real Homes and looks at Christmas window displays. For anyone who is interested in satisfying festive curb appeal, this link is for you.

There are no fewer than ten ideas on the page, with some being as simple as stickers being placed on the window itself. Others go a little more adventurous but like all of the links, there is something for everyone.

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