Classpro: Equipped With 9 Key Features for Class Management Tool

The latest trends and advancements in education have become such that classroom teaching is not sufficient.
Classpro: Equipped With 9 Key Features for Class Management Tool

The latest trends and advancements in education have become such that classroom teaching is not sufficient.

One needs to go to coaching to be fully prepared.

As a result of which private tutors are the real big thing.

But with the world rapidly progressing, there was a growing need for efficient coaching management software.

A coaching management application manages top to bottom functionalities of a coaching class, besides helping it to grow exponentially.


About Classpro

Classpro is a coaching management software that helps one to manage his or her coaching classes and devise ways to earn more revenue.

It just takes around 10 minutes to set up and then, you are all set to grow your business by more than 40%.

The software has all the tools and features that are required to extract the full potential of your business.

Most importantly, it is trusted by more than 1000 clients and it reduces the manual labour to a great extent.


9 Key Features of the software

Classpro comes with a plethora of features that help in class management.

The nine key features of the software are:


1. Fees Collection

One of the key features of the software is streamlining fees collection. With this feature, say goodbye to the traditional excel sheet fees management system.

You can also track each and every transaction made through this application.

The software is well equipped to let you pay fees online.

In case there are any pending fees, users can directly send notifications or reminders to the parents and students through this software and let them choose a suitable way of payment.


2. Send Reminders and Communications

You can send automated reminders to the students through this software regarding any urgent class that needs to be conducted.

You can also send reminders or notifications to your students regarding any lectures or fees left to be paid, etc.

Classpro comes inbuilt with performance report generation and sending capabilities.

Any alerts can be generated by using this software.


3. Enquiries and Followups

It is found that without effective planning, the leads don’t get followed up and as a result, the probable customers are lost.

Classpro helps in efficient handling of the leads as well as enquiries.

You can track the leads and also follow up on them and convert them into customers, thereby, growing your business.

Users can also get to see the joining status of new candidates.


4. Biometric Attendance

Students, as well as teachers, can sometimes fake attendance in a manual register.

Thus, biometric attendance becomes crucial to reduce any discrepancies.

By virtue of the software’s attendance tracking ability, all the records get stored centrally and you get to see which teachers and students are absent.

This completely eliminates any form of false attendance.


5. Student Performance

Classpro: Equipped With 9 Key Features for Class Management Tool

Students have become clever and sometimes they try to hide their report cards from parents, lest they face punishment.

But through this coaching management software, those chances are completely negated.

Classpro provides comprehensive reports that analyze each and every aspect of a student’s performance.

The software also ensures that parents are kept in the knowhow by allowing them to monitor their ward’s performance.


6. Insightful Reports

Any business looks forward to enhancing its horizon.

But for that to happen, the business must choose a software that provides comprehensive insightful analytics.

The real-time reports generation ability of the software helps you to make the right decisions and subsequently grow your coaching business and improve your marketing strategies.


7. Student/Parent App

Classpro: Equipped With 9 Key Features for Class Management Tool

A student/parent app of Classpro helps in effective communication with the coaching management.

This helps parents to track the performance of their wards.

By virtue of its smart scheduling system, parents get advanced online access to the attendance of students, track their children’s performance in tuition and find out whether they have attended the classes or bunked them.

Parents also get to see the future schedule of the lessons and classes and accordingly instruct their wards to prepare those lessons, all from the comfort of their homes.


8. Anytime, Anywhere

It is not possible for a parent or any individual to be physically present all the time at an institution.

But they need not worry about a student’s performance as the software is hosted on the cloud.

This ensures that users can access it anytime and anywhere without any hassles.

It also makes sure that one doesn’t miss out on the important notifications or announcements from the coaching centre.


9. SMS

One of the easiest ways to communicate with parents as well as students is through SMS.

This SMS feature of Classpro is quite appealing as users can communicate important announcements to the students as well as to their parents.

One can also send automated payment details, performance reports and important reminders, such as exam date(s), via this feature.

You can even avail this feature to send birthday wishes to your students, which leads to happiness and motivation among them.


Final Comments

These are just some of the important features of the software.

Users can explore other rich benefits provided by the product such as management of expenses, payment gateway integration and Google Drive Integration.

  • Expenses can occur in various ways, such as the electricity cost of a room, including AC charges. Also, if the facility is a smart classroom having the necessary equipment, the additional cost of a projector, etc., can also be monitored. Users can not only manage them but also track each and every expense incurred, to trace any anomalies.
  • Google Drive Integration has its own set of benefits such as storage over the cloud. It ensures that all the information is stored safely.
  • Finally, the payment gateway integration feature of the software makes sure that parents can pay fees as per their wish, both in the online as well as the offline mode.

But the main priority of the software is to effectively manage the students and ensure student as well as parent satisfaction to let the business prosper.


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