Which company makes the best DSLR?

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If we see all brands are good and each has their own specialty and features.

My suggestion is to go with one that most of your friends has. Why?

In every situation, each DSLR camera needs lens from the same brand or a mount that fits the same brand. For example Nikon camera will use only nikon lens or any lens with nikon mount. Similarly, a canon camera needs canon lens or any lens with canon mount. In other words, a nikon lens won't fit to a canon, sony or fuji cameras and vice-versa or any other. If you have the same brand as your friends do, then you can mutually exchange lenses while you shoot. As we know lenses are expensive. Having options to interchange would allow you to use different lenses for different shooting needs.
Each photographer feels that they own the best brand. When you and your friends have the same brand, there wont be any argument and have a happy shooting time.
Like most camera brands organised photography workshops or photo walks for their customers. When your friends and you have the same brand, you all can go together.
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