What defines the border between IaaS and PaaS?

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While IaaS is about low level cloud resource management, PaaS hides this from the client by offering an API or support for automatic application deployment. However what about those solutions that only partialy hide the infrastructure (for instance those that provide only automatic resource management like scheduling algorithms or automatic scaling)? Another example would be Azure, which is somewhere in between as it permits some insight on the VM.
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IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)

Hardware, software and your application code has to be managed. You select the servers to activate (either physical or virtual), install the OS and software stack, then finally deploy your applications. Some providers offer very low-level controls so that you can build your own data center in the cloud.

PaaS (Platform as a service)

This type of service abstracts away all of the hardware decisions. Only the software stack and your application code has to be managed. Select the appropriate provider depending on the software stack you want then deploy your applications. The actual servers, network and storage are all taken care of automatically by the platform.

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