What is cloud computing and what are the different uses of cloud computing?

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My suggestion would be to only have a look at two vendors at the moment - Amazon Web Services (Ec2) and Rack Space. Although new ones seem to be rapidly popping up like HP etc.
You will find Amazon being way ahead of most players by a couple of years. You can also set up and experiment with your own "free private" cloud by using OpenStack - FYI RackSpace is largely powered by OpenStack.
Instead of looking at "cloud definitions", I would suggest having a real play with these platforms. I know it will take some time but it will give you more hands on experience and assist with re-defining the meaning of what you actually read about public clouds. And really understand where this is all heading
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Cloud computing is a internet-based computing where central remote servers maintain all the data and applications.

Cloud computing allow Consumers to rent physical infrastructure from a third party provider(cloud service provider). With internet access Consumers and Businesses use Applications and Infrastructure and access their personal files from any computer .

You have to pay only for your usage instead of paying upfront( pay-per –use basis). Your all data is stored in your servers and all the servers are located at the place called Data Center.

Applications of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has many applications and those applications are sub-divided as per all the cloud services but major applications of cloud computing are in:

Business, Telecommunication, Health Care , Education, Banking, IT-companies etc

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