What is XSS?

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Cross-site scripting, the nightmare of Javascript. Because Javascript can run pages locally on the client system as opposed to running everything on the server side, this can cause headaches for a programmer if variables can be changed directly on the client’s webpage. There are a number of ways to protect against this, the easiest of which is input validation.
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Cross site scripting is hacking technique in which a hacker inject some malicious java script code into a vulnerable website for doing some malicious activity or stealing browser history or for browser hijacking or application level session hijacking.

reflected xss: it is types of xss attack in which attacker inject some java script in a website but its effect only his own browser.Whatever script he would inject none other user will be harm.the severity in this kind of attack is very minimum.

Store XSS: In this type of xss attacker inject a malicious code into the website and code will save in the database. this type of script will effect all the use. every user that open this website will be effected. every time when a client send a http request to the server and server send a http respond with malicious code because malicious code save in the database, it will harm the client.

DoM Xss: Document object Model in this type of attack , a attacker inject a java script code in the html DOM. To find the dom based xss is a little bit workfull but mostly website is dom based vulnerable. This is very dangerous attack , server is not able to stop it.server ca’t stop it. very dangerous.

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