What are the features of E-commerce?

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Rohit shah
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The features of e-commerce are non-cash payment, service availability (24*7), Improved sales, support, advertising and marketing, inventory management, communication efficient, faster, reliable, less time consuming, on the go service and saving time. It is available at any time and anywhere, helps in making a better management of product and services.
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Global Reach- E-commerce permits business transactions on the race certain are often a lot of convenient and more practical as compared with the standard commerce. On the e-commerce businesses potential market scale is roughly corresponding to the network the dimensions of the world’s population.
Universal Standards- E-commerce technologies is associate uncommon feature, is that the technical customary of the web, therefore to hold out the technical customary of e-commerce is shared by all countries round the world customary. customary will greatly have an effect on the market entry price and considering the price of the products on the market. The quality will create technology business existing become a lot of simply, which might cut back the price, technique of indirect prices additionally will set the electronic commerce web site.
Information Density- The density of data the web has greatly improved, as long because the total quantity and every one markets, customers and businesses quality info. The electronic commerce technology, cut back the knowledge assortment, storage, communication and process price.
Personalization- E-commerce technology permits for personalization. Business are often adjusted for a reputation, a person’s interests and past purchase message objects and selling message to a particular individual. The technology conjointly permits for custom. Merchants will modification the merchandise or service supported user preferences, or previous behavior.
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