types of cyber crime

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The following list presents the common types of cybercrimes:
Computer Fraud: Intentional deception for personal gain via the use of computer systems.
Privacy violation: Exposing personal information such as email addresses, phone number, account details, etc. on social media, websites, etc.
Identity Theft: Stealing personal information from somebody and impersonating that person.
Sharing copyrighted files/information: This involves distributing copyright protected files such as eBooks and computer programs etc.
Electronic funds transfer: This involves gaining an un-authorized access to bank computer networks and making illegal fund transfers.
Electronic money laundering: This involves the use of the computer to launder money.
ATM Fraud: This involves intercepting ATM card details such as account number and PIN numbers. These details are then used to withdraw funds from the intercepted accounts.
Denial of Service Attacks: This involves the use of computers in multiple locations to attack servers with a view of shutting them down.
Spam: Sending unauthorized emails. These emails usually contain advertisements.
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