Future job Scenario in India?

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India has the second largest population of this planet, with so many advancements taking place in India, still, almost a quarter of the working population is in extreme or moderate poverty level and Also, In 2019, India have 18.9 million unemployed people, Now, this is the serious issue, the jobs scenario in India is worrying and Statically speaking, the real jobs markets of India are few and the No. 1 spot is taken by Bangalore with its almost 2 million IT professionals racing to overtake Silicon Valley by 2020 (forecasted) and Next comes Gurugram, which has also emerged in the last few years as a name for providing jobs and its proximity to Delhi makes it a perfect choice for the job seekers in India and Delhi, the national capital of india which is one of the finest locations where one can look for the jobs and This is also an extremely-important economic center for India with 1.5 lakh professionals are from states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and NRC regions, But these so-called “job markets” have become extremely crowded and the scope for the future employment looks bleak. Nevertheless, India is a booming economy, Although these statistics are impressive and suggestive but the India’s Job Market stays stagnant with employment rate falling and yes, There is a job crisis in India if you research current scenario.

With the current scenario where the whole world is gripped with the epidemic , the job market not only in India but across the world will be in bad shape .
Since every country including India are in Lock down stage as a preventive measure against the pandemic , it means the normalcy of work is in halt and there are many companies , like startups where the companies are totally dependent on their daily monthly revenue generation , in such scenario huge cash crunches are going to bother everyone , moreover companies will start or started either on salary cuts or employee reductions .

In my opinion Job scenario in Telecom , FMCG , Banking Sector would be least affected where as travel , hotel industry would be badly affected during this course of time .. JOB market is really going to be in most challenging times going forward .
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