Future of Indian video gaming industry

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Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:42 pm

Indian gaming industry has truly grown up, having beginning in the late 90s, when organizations like Dhruva Interactive, Ubisoft, EA Sports, Knowledge Adventure, Bash Gaming and India games began creating and distributing games.

Today India has in excess of 250 gaming organizations, Big, little and new companies expecting to build up the cutting edge games. The business today is around Rs 6000+ crore in size according to Nasscom with in any event two organizations coming up each month and developing at around 30 percent consistently.

That as well as lion's share of gaming organizations over the world redistribute their coding to Indian organizations. This has lead to a colossal ascent in the interest for additionally gaming organizations in India.

With new and inventive new companies the whole way across India, computer game industry in India glances exceptionally encouraging in coming years.
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Fri May 01, 2020 3:50 pm

Today India has more than 250 gaming companies, Big, small and start-ups aiming to develop the next-gen games. The industry today is around Rs 6000+ crore in size as per Nasscom with at least two companies coming up every month and growing at around 30 percent every year.

Not only that but vast majority of gaming companies across the world outsource their coding to Indian companies. This has lead to a huge rise in the demand for more gaming companies in India.

With new and creative startups all across India, video game industry in India looks very promising in coming years.
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