How Long Does It Take To Get A Wind Turbine Purchased, And Delivered?

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You can purchase immediately at: Delivery depends upon your location and the model of turbine you desire.
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It mainly depends on where the turbine is installed.

For example, Germany has masses of wind power and ~10 years ago when I was in a competing renewable fuels business I'm told they were averaging over the whole installed base country-wide actual generated power output of around 30% of “nameplate” rating. Wind doesn't blow all that hard in DE and worse, it blows more during daytime, usually - when solar panels work. Headaches with capacity management were frequent eg idling down 300 - 400 MW thermal plants to allow the green energy into the grid. The only thing that has kept it all together is the subsidy structures. Not that they were wrong, totally - but it took some time for real world experience to settle in. They still only get 30% of nameplate though, or maybe a tiny bit more as turbine sizes have grown.

Offshore wind schemes are more attractive for similar reasons - wind has little to expend and lose its energy on when crossing the ocean, hence it remains stronger and more reliable in most cases, than on land. Planning is a little more straightforward too since the NIMBY factor is usually redundant.
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