What Are Appropriate Wind Speeds?

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Most good turbines will spin at 5 to 6 miles per hour. But, we at www.wind-inc.us recommend wind speeds of 12 to 14 miles per hour or higher for electric production. Most of west Texas fulfills this.
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As an instrumentation tech, I should be mentioning a gadget. Of the gadges mentioned in other answers , hot wire and ultrasonic anemometers are absent. Then again how many people are interested in generating a time series and run a rolling average on the last 2 minutes?

Wind fluctuates a fair bit. Fine resolution leaves one chasing gust numbers. Where I live wind direction is almost as important or more than the relative speed. That said looking at a standard flag be it a country, provincial, state, or gas station logo; one can readily build a 0–100 kph feel for windspeed in 10 kph increments. Plus standard nylon flags are widely distributed.
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