What Kind Of Wind Turbines Are Good?

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The exotic "egg beaters" and strange designs of 3 to 9 turbines on a tall rod, look interesting, but aren't very efficient.
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Wind energy is a green energy source and does not cause pollution.
The potential of wind power is enormous – 20 times more than what the entire human population needs.[1]
Wind power is renewable and there is no way we can run out of it (since wind energy originates from the sun).
Wind turbines are incredible space-efficient. The largest of them generate enough electricity to power 600 U.S. homes.[2]
Wind power only accounts for about 2.5% of total worldwide electricity production, but is growing at a promising rate of 25% per year (2010).[3]
Prices have decreased over 80% since 1980 and are expected to keep decreasing.[4]
The operational costs associated with wind power are low.
Good domestic potential: Residential wind turbines yields energy savings and protects homeowners from power outages.
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