Is machine learning hard?

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However, machine learning remains a relatively 'hard' problem. There is no doubt the science of advancing machine learning algorithms through research is difficult. It requires creativity, experimentation and tenacity. ... The difficulty is that machine learning is a fundamentally hard debugging problem.Nov 10, 2016
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Machine learning is defined as the practice of using algorithms to use data, learn from it and so forecast future trends for that topic. Traditional machine learning software comprised of statistical analysis and predictive analysis that are accustomed spot patterns and catch hidden insights supported perceived data.

You can take a decent example of the implementation of machine learning is Facebook. The algorithms utilized in Facebook to assemble the behavioral information for each user there on the social platform. The algorithm thus supported by the past behavior of the user’s interests, recommends the articles and notifications on their News Feed. Similarly, when Amazon recommends “You may also like” products, or when Prime or Netflix recommends a movie or web series based on your past behaviours, that’s machine learning at work.

However, my personal experience of learning this subject says that you simply have to do a decent amount of your homework on the topic before joining any course or taking over any professional assistance on machine learning.
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