What should you not do with contacts?

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DO keep hands clean. ...
DO clean your lens case. ...
DON'T “top off” contact lens solution. ...
DON'T buy contacts without a prescription. ...
DO ask your eye doctor if you can sleep in contact lenses. ..
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Are you someone who is rubbing your eyes all day long due to dryness or discomfort or because you're just plain tired? With the contacts in you can't do that.
You should remember not to rub your eyes even while you wear contact lenses. It can damage your cornea, which can cause serious damage to your vision and probably require eye surgery.
Much like you can not rub your eyes when wearing contacts, when it comes to rubbing your eyeball or lenses the same law applies. Not without first washing your face, at least, and making sure they're fully dry.
Think of all the stuff that get in touch with your hands during the day. Your hands are collecting a whole lot of germs between the bathroom doors, shopping carts, handrails and computer keyboards. All it takes to pass those germs to your contacts is one brush of your eye and damage them or your eyes with a severe infection.
Makeup isn't the only thing you might be sneaking into your skin. Whether you want to go outdoor runs or spend a lot of time tanning in the sun, you need to be vigilant about getting into your eyes with sweat and sunscreen.
This poses the same hazards that makeup could present on a touch. It may cause an eye infection or irritation that would need medical attention to heal.
Keep in mind that your eyes can get irritated by things like airborne allergens or dryness. You need to take your contacts out of ASAP if that is the case.
Only leaving them on irritated eyes will cause more harm. It is incredibly painful and, if you are not careful, it can lead to long-term problems.
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