Can A Turbine Survive High Winds Or A Hurricane?

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Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:19 pm

Yes, our turbines are rated for 120 to 150 mile per hour winds. But we recommend that hand brakes be used when it is known that extremely high winds are approaching.
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Where I live in India we were hit with cyclone Thane two+ years ago. Two of the small wind turbines that we built ran before during and after the cyclone which had gusts of 180 kmphr. We lost half the trees in our community (half million trees) and most of the roofs were damaged. The turbines were home-made using wooden blades. The eye of the storm went right through our place, the rain was coming into the house horizontally. I was soaked wet, the roads disappeared and miraculously nobody was injured. Injuries happened only afterwards when we had to do the cleanup. The turbines laughed their way in and out of the storm. Good furling mechanism and also good luck. The only turbine I lost was damaged when a tree fell over it (it was in the workshop, roof was damaged also). Oh sometimes don´t win all the time!
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