The benefits of Green Technology?

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Green technology helps manage and recycle waste material. It allows it to be used for beneficial purposes. This technology is used for waste management, waste incineration, and more. A lot of recyclable material has allowed individuals to create plant fertilizer, sculptures, fuel, and even furniture.

Purifying of Water
Green technology purifies water. The scarcity of pure drinking water is a major concern. Through the use of various technologies a lot of campaigns have been successful in providing people with clean drinking water.

Purifying the Air
Dealing with carbon emission is another focus. While the human race is improving in terms of various technologies. The automobiles, factories, etc. are emitting a lot of carbon that is detrimental to the planet. Green technology helps to reduce carbon emission and purify the air. This allows people and other living things to breathe properly.

Conserving Energy
Energy is being conserved through the use of such technology. Alternatives to devices that use a lot of electricity or fuel are being introduced to the public. The use of electric cars is on the rise, especially in the UK. People using environment friendly devices and appliances is encouraged. While installation of such devices, namely solar panels, might be expensive for some people the benefits it offers with regards to reducing bill expenses are tremendous.

Rejuvenating Ecosystems
Green or Clean technology is also being used to breathe life into ecosystems that have sustained a lot of damage due to human involvement. Through the use of this technology tress are replanted, waste is managed and recycled. This ensures that the affected ecosystem is able to start again, and this time remain conserved. This helps to ensure that a lot of plant and animal species don’t go extinct.
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Technology is the application of knowledge to practical requirements and Green technologies encompass various aspects of technology which help us reduce the human impact on the environment and create ways of sustainable development and the Social equitability, economic feasibility and sustainability are the key parameters for green technologies and Today the environment is racing towards the tipping point at which we would have done permanent irreversible damage to the planet earth and Our current actions are pulling the world towards an ecological landslide which if happens would make destruction simply inevitable and Green technologies are an approach towards saving earth and hence Thus both its positives and negatives need to be investigated and Green technology uses renewable natural resources that never depletes and Green technology uses new and innovative energy generation techniques. Green nanotechnology that uses green engineering and green chemistry is one of the latest in green technologies and One of the important factors for environmental pollution is the disposal of waste and Green technology has answers to that as well and It can be effectively change waste pattern and production in a way that it does not harm the planet and we can go green and Among the possible areas where these creations and growth are expected to be come from the include green energy, organic agriculture, eco-friendly textiles.
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Advantages of green technology to the environment are enormous, but the most important benefits are:

It uses renewable resources that never depletes in nature. Therefore, future generation can benefit from them too, without harming the planet.

Environmental technology uses latest energy generation techniques. For example, green nanotechnology that uses green chemistry and green engineering is one of the newest in green technologies.

Offers environmental solutions for disposal and recycling of waste. It effectively changes waste production in a way that it doesn’t harm our environment.

Green technology has no adverse effect on our planet and it uses sustainable production of energy.

This technology uses various innovative methods to create a number of environmentally friendly products.
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The potential of green energy, realizing no form of energy is totally green, is to slow the increase and eventually decrease carbon loading of the earth’s atmosphere ,slow climate change and eventually decrease it. Many different approaches are being tried on small scales now , but many are fast approaching commercial scale. Solar photovoltaic and wind, substitution of natural gas for coal, energy conservation, net zero building technologies where in the cold and temperate earth zones, buildings are being constructed that are super well insulated to provide a livable climate with almost zero energy use. Novel fission reactor designs and fusion reactors are also in the works and will soon be tried, although these could still be decades away from commercial deployment.
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