Why Pubg is so successful in India?

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online fight royale game created by a PUBG Corporation, an auxiliary of Korean distributer Bluehole.They didn't do any customary showcasing. They didn't have huge Titans in the shopping-shopping centers like Titanfall 2 did. Their principle procedure was Double plunge advanced showcasing. It implies they give the game to bunches of streamers for playing on their Twitch and Youtube channel. Since, streamers adored that game a ton, it spread among them and afterward made the different gamers and watchers purchase that. This was the best move that made PUBG this successful.Their weapon style was astounding. You need to plunder portions of the weapon to have the most exactness. For eg. You need to plunder the silencer, red spot sight, scopes and so on. They don't accompany the firearm. This made the game so fascinating. This will be acceptable except if they do miniaturized scale exchanges. Does somebody sneak in? Not EA, certainly not you. Projectiles are likewise accessible.

The recent years have seen massive growth in the popular genre of "battle royale," and no games were more influential than the Battlegrounds of Playerunk, known as PUBG. It's probably known by now to everyone. With the aid of a parachute, 100 players reach the plane and land on an island. Empty handed the ordeal at first to get weapons, explosives and objects for the sole purpose of surviving and killing the opponents. So, this is where the war begins. It is fascinating for people when you consider about comparable situations to how one should behave. Eat, or cook. The game placed on the world map of the battle royale mode. But, how did it get so successful? Let us find out
The man behind PUBG is the Brendan Greene. He was born in Ireland but moved to Brazil to work as a web developer and a photographer. He found his love in the South American country, and got married. After two years, though, it ended and he went back to Ireland. He started finding his own way into designing games. This was the time when DayZ modded the classic game Arma 2: Battle Royale which turned into an enormous success. Greene had his eyes opened, and he was recruited by the game development company Daybreak. But he quit the company very quickly.
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There are so many reasons, combinding all those reasons make pubg moblie the most popular game in india.

Firstly :- YouTube pubg m hype

There are so many indian youTuber(gamers) playing pubg Mobile. Which stimulates viewers to play that game (in order to get fun) . Nowadays they even started referring to pubg pc players (shroud , dr. Disrespect etc) they get motivated watching them play which stimulates joy to them cause they play to well( god mode) .

Secondly:- cant afford gaming pc

Most of the India population can't afford gaming pc(gaming cpu,mouse,keyboard, headphones,monitor etc), so they try to seek fun with pubg m( which cost rs0.00 in playstore) btw india has 337 million smartphone users and all u need to play pubgm is a 10k smartphone and a headphone and u are ready to rock
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