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Television Advertisement

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 4:16 pm
by O_Bane
Talking about the past 3 years , Its been observed that there are lot of changes which occurred in terms of entertainment platform. Considering a timeline between 2000-2012 , People used to spend on an average at least 2 hours infront of the TV. They used to watch daily soap series , or movies considering kids they would watch animated series. There were also times where researchers said that on an average one should limit their time infront of a TV , teenagers should watch TV less and invest more time in some more productive activities. One daily soap series use to run for straight 4-5 years with rising rate of TRP every year. Whenever a movie used to get released , it took atleast 1 year for the movie to appear on TV , considering an Example of Sharukh Khan's Movie ,"Main Hoon Na" it appeared first time on the TV with Star Channel , And that was the day where the channel earned the Highest TRP for the month.

Television Sector was booming at time , lot of teenagers dreamed to work in some daily soap , this gave rise to lot of television stars , there were lot of reality shows which gave opportunity to the common man to show case their talent on Televison.

Considering the past and now looking at the present , now Is it that the teenagers , Adults , Kids are still interested to watch TV or they rather prefer online streaming platform is something we should think about.

Re: Television Advertisement

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 3:45 pm
by narangmohit1
TV advertisement is seen as one of the most effective tool to promote a product or service yet it has both pros and cons. Generally it has much more pros than cons. Since most people around the world spend much of their time watching TV, TV advertisement should be seriously considered especially for medium to big-size businesses. According to research, most people spend their time at least 5 hours for watching television. TV advertisement is basically a combination of both audio and video which could make advertisement message more appealing than advertisement on magazine, newspaper, or radio. We can say that TV advertisement is one of the mass media advertisement that must not be ignored.
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