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Exchange EDB databases can develop corruption issues over time. IT admins often wonder what the best way is to prevent loss of information if at all such unfortunate incidents occur. The simplest to all such queries will be to use a tool EdbMails Exchange Server Recovery

There could be any number of reasons that can lead to Exchange EDB corruption like sudden shutdown, system failures, network issues, malicious software or even human negligence at times . EdbMails is easy to use and the user needn’t be well versed in the intricacies of exchange server administration to be able to be able to recover exchange databases. Recover emails, contacts, attachments, calendars and even deleted items with ease using EdbMails.
The deep scanning algorithms perfected by EdbMails over the years ensure that all tasks, journals,zip attachments,Inbox,calendars, or images are recovered safely.
Common exchange database corruption can be classified into two :
Logical : A logical corruption happens when a crucial bit of data is missing from the exchange database. It can lead to inconsistencies and make the whole database inaccessible.
Physical : Physical corruption on the other hand happens due to hardware failure, for instance hard disk crash.
Convert EDB to PST and perform quick EdbMails Exchange server recovery

It is by now clear from the facts stated above that one needs to utilize an exchange server recovery software to recover exchange databases from corrupt state. This is where – EdbMails – a one stop solution for all things exchange recovery, trusted by millions of exchange administrators across the globe comes in.
EdbMails offers support for Public and Private folder recovery and migration as well as archive folder migration. It also has support for Non-English Unicode characters and maintains the folder structure intact post export. The data in the original EDB file is kept safe when using EdbMails. There is also support for direct migration to Office 365 and on-premise exchange server. Not only can you Convert EDB to PST using EdbMails, but there is also support for incremental EDB migration to Office 365 and Live Exchange Server.
Well if that isn’t enough, there is also a free trial version of the EdbMails EDB to PST Converter tool that can be used to test out all its features and even migrate upto 30 items per folder/mailbox to Outlook PST file.
For further details and download, make sure to visit : https://www.edbmails.com
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You can also use Data Recovery Solutions EDB to PST converter tool by which any one can easily convert EDB to PST. It helps to repair corrupt exchange server, repair them and restore those EDB to PST without any data loss. Beside this, it also allows to restore the recovered EDB items into Live exchange & Office 365 server.
Visit to know more at- https://www.data-recovery-solutions.com/exchange-edb-to-pst-converter.php

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