Explain Ev-do/ Evdo?

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EVDO stands for Evolution Data Optimized
EVDO is a 3G broadband technology used by Verizon, Spring, Alltel
It provides typical download speeds of 600 to 1400 KBPS
A personal broadband service for wide range of customers
It is always On
EVDO utilizes CDMA signals
Users can be connected remotely for using email, downloading large files, spreadsheets etc.
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Evdo is wireless 3G standard with different names. It revolutionized the speed and is therefore called wireless broadband. EVDO stands for evolution data optimized. Since there is constant demand for maximum data optimization there is need of data optimization.
EVDO works with the help of establishing modem connected with an antenna. There is only need to plug the device and you can do whatever you want either telephone or web surfing. It has capacity of having four connections as well as USB for achieving service through IP Address. A carrier named AAA is responsible for establishing management and gateway pass. The procedure EVDO is quite similar to mobile network. It receives signal from tower that which is present in the locality. Its a wireless network and it just uses other wireless technology in the way to establish network.Contrary to telephone service EVDO provides wireless internet. EVDO is compatible technology that works on 3G as well as 4G standards without suffering from any network problem.
Its advantage is that it functions as Independent hotspot.
For more information on EVDO there are several sites and You Tube channel that will help. Also, there are wonderful books out there. Happy learning.
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