Is 5G technology dangerous to humans?

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Tue Apr 28, 2020 5:06 pm

NO. To be honest, I feel obligated anyway. Once I worked on a science fair project on radio waves and found out that they are literally everywhere. These radio waves from all the new devices used to be used by wireless tv stations. Now, that tv stations is transmitted digitally, you can pack them a lot closer together in the radio spectrum, which means you don’t need as much spectrum. Little TV stations also fell out of fashion because youtube killed them off.

But anyway, the radiation that is known to be harmful is ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation starts somewhere around Ultra Violet A. You know. UVA. The things you put on broad-spectrum sun screen to protect yourself against below that in energy is light, as in the stuff you see. Below that is infrared, which the air absorbs pretty readily, which is why your TV remote has a limited range. Lower frequencies, such as microwaves are very efficiently absorbed by water, which makes it ideal for cooking food. That is the spectrum and even less energy is the recently opened up for the new technology, 5 gigahertz or so. It’s really not harmful.
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