How to Convert DVD to HD/4K Video Formats?

HD/4K is the highest resolution video format currently available.
How to Convert DVD to HD/4K Video Formats?

Why convert DVD to HD/4K video formats?

“HD/4K resolution” is almost what we can see in daily life, such as televisions, smartphones, video recorders and other electronic devices. Almost all of them are described on the label.

On the Internet, we will also prefer it because it has a higher resolution, that is, high-definition video, which has 4 times the resolution of 1080P video, which means that you will enjoy sharper images quality, this can be proved on some top video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo.

In addition, HD/4K is the highest resolution video format currently available.

And it has a bright future, because most mobile phones, TVs, projectors, cameras, etc. on the market now regard it as a standard feature to provide users, even smart phones you can find everywhere.

However, DVD discs are not easy to carry, so you cannot watch the DVD movies left at home when you are outdoors.

Because of the difference in format, you also cannot enjoy DVDs on mobile phones, which is where the DVD Ripper works.

In this article, we will cover the step by step guide on how to tip DVD to HD/4K video formats.


Best program to rip DVD to HD/4K video formats

There is many software on the market claiming that they can rip DVDs to digital formats perfectly. Which one is the best?

After trying some ripping programs, I found WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, why is it?

Which can help you convert DVD to various formats in the shortest time without loss of quality, not only that, its interface is simple and it helps beginners and novice users to get started quickly.


How to rip DVD to HD/4K video formats with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro?

After downloading and installing it, please launch the program and insert your CD-ROM into the computer.

Step 1: Load your DVD files.

There are 3 DVD source for you to choose from: DVD Folder, DVD Disc and ISO Image. Please select a suitable source to import your DVDs.


Step 2: Pick the output format.

Please open the format tab from the right side of the software interface, where you can select the desired output format, including HD MP4, HD MKV, HD AVI, HD WMV, HD MOV and more.


Step 3: Hit “Run” button to start ripping DVD to HD/4K video formats.


More features of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

It is also designed with some practical additional features to help you better solve DVD related issues.

  • Rip DVD to portable devices, such as phones, laptops, tablets, desktops and more.
  • Back up scratched and worn DVDs.
  • 1:1 copy DVD to DVD Folder and ISO Image.
  • Intelligently detect the main movie and remove unnecessary ads.
  • Add subtitles to DVDs.
  • Edit DVDs with ease.
  • Copy encrypted movies and keep in touch with the latest TV shows.
  • Batch rip multiple titles of TV series.



  • Easy to use.
  • Ability to keep output file quality consistent with source file.
  • Fast ripping speed can shorten your waiting time.
  • High recognition rate than similar products.
  • Various output formats and device options.



  • Only be used by Windows users.


Final words

With the continuous updating of equipment, people’s requirements for video are getting higher and higher.

After all, no one does not like videos with HD resolution and clearer pictures.

However, most videos are still at 720p and 1080p resolutions, and wanting to convert them to a clearer format may mean requiring professional skills and knowledge for ordinary users, this idea is one-sided.

With the help of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, even zero-based users can use it perfectly in a short period of time, and its practicality and stability is another factor that is welcomed.

What’s more, it has just been updated to the latest version recently, feel free to download and use it if you are interested, and share your thoughts with us below. 


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