Cost-Effective Measure for Business: Use of Solar Lightings

Solar light


We all have heard about sustainable development goals encouraging people to use clean and renewable sources of energy. Due to this initiative, the recent usage of solar energy products has become widely popular.


Do you know?

During the day, the electricity from the solar panel is stored in the battery and it provides the fixture with energy during the night. This helps in having a good battery life of lights and helps at the time of power outage without adding extra cost.


Owing to this advantage, people have now shifted to using solar lights in homes, gardens, streets, etc., especially businesses are using solar LED Lights in offices & parking lots.


Though for organizations it can be challenging and expensive to do work along with maintaining the environment. The main objective of every business is to save money and earn a profit. Luckily adapting to solar light systems helps businesses to accomplish their objective.


Let’s explore the benefits of solar lightings as a cost-effective measure to everyday business expenses:


Environment Friendly:

As solar lighting is actually a renewable source of energy, it helps businesses by reducing carbon emission.


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration ‘at the country level, China is the largest contributor to CO2 emissions with 28% (10.06GT) followed by the U.S. at 15% (5.41GT), India at 7% (2.65GT), and Russia at 5% (1.71GT). The burning of fossil fuels was responsible for 76% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.’


According to the research conducted by Statista ‘As of 2020, the economic sector which had the highest share of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and cement was the power sector. With a share of 44 percent, this was more than the combined share of both industry and surface transport. These three sectors of the economy make up the majority of the world’s CO2 emissions’


As a matter of fact, the burning of fossil fuels for lighting contaminates the air, posing a health risk and increasing the accumulation of greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. Even the normal street lights connected with a grid system also uses fossil fuel that releases carbon footprint. Whereas, solar panels don’t operate on power grids and use renewable solar energy. Changing the normal street lights to solar LED will help businesses to save money and also contribute to the environment.


Low Cost:

Solar LED parking area lights will bring down your expenses in different manners. After installing expenses has been borne, you’ll have lower energy bills and lower upkeep costs.


In Fact, even the installation cost for these light systems is not huge. The installation of solar LED lighting costs substantially less than the conventional on-grid lights. When setting up a street light in a remote area solar LED lights are way more convenient.


In an interview John Wright, owner and general manager of Gulf Coast Office Products (GCOP) said that ‘When you think about that reduction happening year after year for the next 25‐30 years we know we are making a significant contribution to our local environment and our bottom line.’


Moreover, if you use the best quality of solar LED products available in the market you can save even more as their batteries last longer. You can enjoy the benefit of fewer electricity bills, evidently. Besides, solar parking lot lights have low maintenance & service costs, and are energy efficient.


You can also achieve higher control of the outdoor lighting system with advanced technologies.



Safety is one of the most essential elements of any organization. A sufficiently bright parking area stops terrible conduct and also helps workers and clients to feel safe. You ensure visibility for your staff and customers with a well-lit parking lot, allow precise lighting for surveillance cameras, and keep your business and the nearby areas safe.


Generally, they even come with light sensors, which means that they turn on and off automatically and save your time and effort.


So, the bottom line is that all these benefits of solar led lights help businesses in saving business expenses as well in contributing their part to protect the environment. Moreover, in comparison to traditional lights and regular LED street lights, the lifespan of solar LED lights is approximately 7-8 % more. Businesses can also save thousands of dollars spent yearly on maintenance and servicing of regular lights. When your employees and staff feel secure due to proper lighting, it will add up to your organization’s market value and goodwill and will be a valuable asset in the long term.

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