The Top 5 Uses For Custom Wire Harnesses

The Top 5 Uses For Custom Wire Harnesses

When you want to work with custom wires and harnesses, you should consider where these assemblies will work. Every industry uses wires and cables, and you must find a cable assembly or harness that will do the best job for you. Use these tips to determine what the best options are for your company.

1. Power Cables

When you work with a custom wire harness manufacturer, you can ask for a cable harness that will protect those wires.

You can use a wire harness to protect your power cables, and you can get a thick harness that prevents damage when these cables are used in extreme situations.


2. Phone Or Communication Cables


When you are setting up a phone line or communication system, you need a wire harness that will protect you.

You will lose the signal if the wires are cut, and you must use a harness that can hold up to high temperatures.

You can get a sleeve that will hold several cables together, and you will not need to hang separate cables out where they could be damaged.


The Top 5 Uses For Custom Wire Harnesses


3. Internal Cabling

You might be working on a technical project that requires small cables for power and communication.

You must clip these cables into a small space, and you can order a cable sleeve that is the appropriate length.

If the cables are protected inside the casing, you do not need to open the casing over and over for repairs.

Plus, any internal cables could get very hot or get cut by the other components of the system.

You can label all these cables so that they are easy to find.

This is especially important if you need to open the casing for repairs.


4. Underground Cables

If you are creating any cable system that will be buried underground, you need a wire harness that will prevent any water damage.

These harnesses will prevent water from shorting out these cables, and you should use these cable harnesses if you think the cables might be crushed.

This is the simplest way for you to save money, and you will not need to dig up these cables.

The underground cables you use should last for decades at a time, and you may need to label them if they ever need to be dug up.


5. Warehouse Cabling

Warehouse cabling is subject to damage because it is in a high-traffic area. You do not want the cables to be damaged because they are in a space like this.

You should use these cables to avoid any problems with space, and you can add these cable bundles to security cameras or lights.

Some of these warehouses might have wires that hang from the ceiling or that have been tacked to the wall.

You can use these wire harnesses to label these cables, it is much easier for you to find the appropriate cable.

Repairs are much easier, and you can show that some cables are dangerous to touch.

Also, some of these cables get very hot on their own, and the wire harnesses will prevent the heat from damaging other parts of a system or the warehouse.



When you are looking for wire harnesses for your cables, you should look at all the different options that you have.

You might work with power cables, phone cables, and warehouse cables.

You need a harness that will hold everything together, and you can use these cables to label everything.

This is important if you need to bury your cables, or you could add these cables to the casing of any big project you are working on.


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