Dewalt expensive? Here’s what you should do instead

If you do not want to hire a contractor for doing work like the home decoration, house maintenance, or repair then you will need some essential tools. Doing your work yourself will certainly you some money. But you should keep a well stock of tools for that as it becomes necessary for doing such type of small work. Whenever you buy the tools you must make sure that it is durable. Dewalt is a renowned company that deals with all such tools but the products of this company are very costly. As such, it does not become possible for everyone to buy from this brand. However, at the online store My Cordless Tools you can easily get such tools from many other brands like Makita, Milwaukee, Black and Decker, Ryobi, Bosch, etc. The quality of the tools available in these brands is as good as you can find it in Dewalt but the biggest advantage of buying it from these brands is that you can get it at an affordable price. Hence at this online store, you can have several options to choose the tool you like.  

Some essential tools you will get at an affordable price.

The following are some essential tools that are available online at an affordable price:

  • Hammer Drills: This is one of the most essential tools that you need at your home. This is a kind of rotary hammer that is mainly used when you need to pulverize the brittle substance. You need such a tool for doing any kind of small works at your home, for example, for hanging pictures as well as for anchoring furniture. This type of tool is also very useful for doing various types of masonry jobs, for example, drilling stones, mortar, or bricks. You can get the hammer drill at $149 from Makita, at $129 from Craftsman, at $99 from Ridgid, etc.  
  • Impact Driver: This is another most important tool that is mainly designed for delivering high torque output and it has minimum exertion. This tool is mainly used for losing and tightening the nuts from anything easily and speedily. Whenever you buy an impact wrench make sure that it is lightweight. Moreover, it should be more than 3.4 lbs. You can get the Impact driver at $158.94 from Makita, at $139 from Porter, at $123.69 from Craftsman, etc. 
  • Screwdrivers: This is yet another most essential tool and you must have it at your home. You will require this type of tool for doing many small works such as holding your furniture together, connecting the cabinet doors and lamps, etc. The basic function of a screwdriver is to remove the screws from anything and also to put it back again. Two basic types of screws are available – one comes with a flat-head screw whereas the other comes with a small cross in the middle. Apart from that, a screwdriver is available in a variety of sizes and types. You can get the screwdrivers at $39.27 from Black and Decker, at $74 from Milwaukee, at $29 from Tacklife, etc.
  • Hammer: This is another most essential tool and in every home, you will get this tool. While doing any kind of small or big work at home you need to nail the thing but you cannot nail anything without any hammer. People need to do various kinds of small repairing and maintaining works in their home for which it is not always required to hire a contractor or expert. They can do such small works themself without the necessity of any kind of assistance from experts provided they have the necessary tools like a hammer at their home. Hammers come up with various types and the most useful ones is that type of hammer which contains a claw in one end. With this type of hammer, you will not only be able to drive the nail but you can also pry the nail out with the other end of the hammer. This kind of hammer is used for several purposes, for example, you will need it to break up a plaster wall or to bang frame lumber into some small pieces. Whenever you buy a hammer you must buy the one which is 6-ounce since such a type of hammer is very useful for household purposes.


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