What Makes DJI Mavic Pro Everyone’s Favorite?

Everything has transformed—be it the way of taking photos or recording videos.
What Makes DJI Mavic Pro Everyone's Favorite

In this technological era, everything has transformed—be it the way of taking photos or recording videos. Earlier individuals need to take the help of the helicopter and plane to shoot the picture that was impossible to click. Aerial photography was earlier just a dream but after the launch of a drone camera, this is possible. Drones have made the photography let’s say aerial photography more fun. If you are someone who wants to buy a new drone for themselves for brilliant photography then you need to go for DJI Mavic Pro.

This drone is not only the favourite drone of photographers but also of the normal people.


Why DJI Mavic Pro?

It is a million-dollar question why people still love DJI Mavic Pro?

However, in this blog, you will get to know about this and even you will get to know some of the best cloth drones that people can use in place of DJI Mavic Pro.

DJI Mavic Pro is the portable smallest, foldable and one of the coolest flying drones that can be used for taking photos.


The camera of DJI Mavic Pro

If you think buying DJI Mavic Pro is a child’s play then you are wrong as it is the complete flying package that can be used by individuals who wish to place their camera high in the sky.

The camera is of good quality that is up to 4K at 24 frames per second. However, at 24 FPS resolution, 1280 x 720 starts and this can rise till 120 FPS.

For shooting slow-motion videos too this drone is a brilliant choice.

DJI Mavic Pro camera has 1/2.3 inches CMOS that too with 12 71 M pixel count and capturing the great photos add 4000 X 300 X pixels.

You can say that the camera of Mavic pro is just like a professional full-sized camera.


The battery life of DJI Mavic pro

Mavic Pro comes with amazing and impressive battery life and can be used for climbing the drone for a longer duration.

This tone has the rotors that actually can stay in motion for a longer duration.

If we talk about the recharging time of DJI Mavic pro a fully drained drone can take about an hour to get fully recharged.


Build and design of DJI Mavic Pro

Build and design of DJI Mavic Pro

You can say DJI Mavic Pro is a little peace and that has the toughest body.

You can crash this beast many times but after a quick reset, your drone will be ready to use again.

These drones can be folded easily and can be packed neatly so that you can take it anywhere with you.

The controller of DJI Mavic Pro is also a portable one that looks like a walkie-talkie when it is folded.


Features of Mavic pro

One of the extravagant features of DJI Mavic Pro is the portability.

It will not take much space in your backpack and can even fit in your purse so that you can easily carry it anywhere.

So, thanks to its inventor that you can fold this drone in such a way that you can carry it freely without any difficulties.

It also has a 4K camera along with 3 Axis gimbal that allows the drone to capture the stable photos and videos.

With the DJI’s active track features and optical flow software, your Mavic Pro drone can efficiently track the objects and can sense all obstacles that come in your route.

DJI Mavic pro has astounding OcuSys i.e. video transmission system that can be extended up to 4 miles range.

This drone supports various flight modes like the point of interest, follow mode, course lock, waypoints, gesture mode and terrains follow mode.


Flight performance of the DJI Mavic Pro

It is one of the easiest flying quad-core drones and is far better than other drones in terms of speed and agility.

With the point of interest flight mode, you can set Mavic Pro to focus on a point and if you wish to repeat the path of Mavic flight then go with waypoints mode.

You can use Follow Me mode for letting your drones to follow your movement.

With terrain follow mode you can maintain distance between your drone and ground.

You can easily click selfies by using the gesture mode where you just have to wave your arm to click the selfie.


Why buy DJI Mavic Pro Clone?

If you have a low budget then you don’t need to worry as your dream of buying a drone will not be shattered as you can always go for DJI Mavic Pro Clone that is similar in feature with the Mavic Pro and are affordable too.

However, you cannot trust any drone easily without checking its features and picture and quality.

Here we have given a few points that you have to keep in mind while buying the clone of DJI Mavic Pro.


What to Think Before Buying DJI Mavic Pro Clone Drone?


What to Think Before Buying DJI Mavic Pro Clone Drone?

If you are thinking to buy DJI Mavic Pro drone clone for yourself then you need to consider the following points mentioned below:


  • Quality of image

You need to choose that drone whose image quality is a good as DJI Mavic Pro.

You need to see the quality of aerial photography as the sensor tends to affect the quality image.

So, go for that clone drone which has large CMOS as then it will be easy to shoot the highest quality image even in low light.


  • 4K video

If you are looking for the clone drones that has highest video resolution then you need to understand there are a large number of option available.

The market is filled with a drone that has video resolution from lower quality to 4K.

You even need to think if you want to upload the video and photographs on Facebook and Instagram then you choose the clone which has 1080p resolution.

While blogging for shooting you can go for clone drone that has 4K resolution.

You can play with the video and photographs that are clicked in 4K resolution like you can crop, edit and rotate the image as per your need.


  • Raw/DNG Format

While buying clone drone you need to buy that clone with support raw/DNG format.

If you are someone who loves to edit their photos then you must buy the clone that very well supports Raw/DNG format.

These drones are very helpful when you are shooting at night time.


  • Hovering

Like DJI Mavic Pro you need to choose the drone that has good and stable hovering.

Good quality image a stable hovering is necessary which eventually required a drone with an advanced flight controlling system and great sensors.

If you choose the drone that cannot hover and is constantly rising, falling and drifting will give a blurry image.


  • Flight time

Flight time is the most important factor while buying a clone.

Because most of the drones available in the market cannot fly longer than 30 minutes to go for the drone that has a good flight time as you will not want your drone to leave you in the middle while shooting an important marriage function.


  • Gimbal

One needs to buy the drone that has gimbal accessories so that you can use it for shooting steady videos.

Moreover, if you don’t want your videos to be shaky then choose the one that is gimbal equipped.

Because no one likes the video which is not clear and is not shoot proper too.


  • Amazing functionalities

If you are going for the drones that can be used for good photography then it can be a bit expensive.

However, if you are searching for the clone then go for which is known for good image quality and flight time.

Choose the drone that has amazing and intelligent functions like tracking you, taking selfies through a gesture and etc.


Wrap Up

So, you need to consider all these points mentioned above to find the great quality lightweight DJI Mavic Pro clone drone for yourself at affordable prices.

We know that buying the DJI Mavic Pro can cause a hole in your pocket and if you don’t want to this then you can go for lots of other clone drones available in the market.

These clones are just like Mavic Pro drone only and can be used as the replacement if your budget is low.

So, don’t put stress on your mind and go and buy the best drone that can fulfil your all requirements.


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