Don’t overlook the following key benefits of hosting webinars


In the age of cloud technology and remote working, webinars are a hot topic for educators, salespeople, and marketers around the globe. So, what makes them so popular? We’ll take a look at some of the key benefits of hosting webinars. 

But, before we start… 

Webinar: Defined 


If you’ve never come across the term before, you’re probably wondering ‘what is a webinar?’. Put simply, a webinar is a seminar shown on the web. In other words, it’s a way to host virtual classes, meetings, and other events, as well as product launches, presentations, demonstrations, and more. 

So, now you know what a webinar actually is, let’s take a look at some key benefits. 

Wider reach 

As webinars are hosted online, you won’t be bound by geographical restrictions. If you were to host an event in person, only those in travelling distance would be able to attend. Or, if it was an important meeting, you may have to pay to fly stakeholders out. However, so long as you have an internet connection, you can attend a webinar from anywhere in the world, on any device. 


We all know the struggle of trying to juggle everyone’s availability to find the best time for people to meet or the best date and time for maximum event attendance. With a webinar, though, you can pre-record the session in your own time, stream it live to those available to attend, and then upload the recorded version to your website to allow people that missed it the same opportunity to be involved. 

This can be particularly useful for things like product demonstrations, explanations, or workplace training courses as it allows you to do the session in real-time, but still make the video available for people who join your company or purchase your product at a later date. 

Solidify brand authority

Typically, webinars are used to educate attendees on a specific subject. As such, they tend to be utilised by brands who are looking to share their expertise. And are often hosted by experts in the field. By evidencing to consumers that you have a high level of knowledge of the sector. Your brand will be perceived as more authoritative. 

In addition, a report by Forbes found that more and more consumers are looking for an experience-based connection with brands. Even if your industry doesn’t naturally lend itself to experiences as such – take financial services. For example – hosting a webinar to teach people the necessary skills for budgeting and money management will help you form a more meaningful connection with consumers. 

Increase engagement 

And last, but by no means least, webinars can help you to increase engagement between the brand and the audience. This is because webinar platforms often include in-built features like polls, live chat, surveys, quizzes, breakout rooms, and O&As. 

In utilising such features, hosts have the opportunity. To make their presentations, courses, demonstrations, and so on, a lot more interactive. And, by making the webinar interactive, attendees are more likely to pay attention – and keep paying attention – throughout the duration of the session. 

And there you have it — just a few key benefits of hosting webinars that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

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