Top 3 Sites to Download Movies From

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Top 3 Sites to Download Movies From

Movies are one of the most entertaining things humans can do.

Before, to watch a movie, you need to head to the cinemas and watch it.

You also have to wait in line to get a ticket to the cinema and can only watch it once. 

But now, with the constant improvement and innovation of technology together with the media, you can watch movies anytime and anywhere you like.

In this modern time, you can easily watch your favourite movies via online streaming, downloading, CDs, or subscribing to a movie app provider. Today, accessing movies has never been easier. 

If you love watching movies, you can always download movies from the Internet.

There are tons of ways to do so. In just one click of a button, you can download your favourite shows and movies.

However, downloading movies can be tricky.

First, you need to make sure that your download is legal.

You need to know your VPN and how to set it up to hoax your location safely.

In that way, you will be able to access movie sites and streaming services.

Second, you will need to download anti-virus software to make sure your computer or downloaded file is safe. 

If you’ve already done those steps, you now need to look for a movie platform that you can download movies from.

Here are some movie platforms that offer movie downloading and a guide on how to use them. 



Netflix is one of the most popular sites where you can download movies.

The app is downloadable in both Mac OS and Windows OS.

It is also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  

If you want to know other ways you can download movies on Netflix.

You can check out this article “download movies” and surely you can enjoy watching movies offline after.

To get Netflix, you need to pay a subscription fee every month.

They have three types of packages that will suit your needs.

If you will use the app for yourself, there is a specific package for you.

If you use an account for your whole family, they also have a particular package made for sharing. 

When downloading movies on Netflix, there are no limitations as to how many movies you want to download.

However, you need to have enough disk space for you to download multiple videos.

Also, Netflix does not allow downloads on all devices.

You need to check your mobile device or computer if its system fulfils Netflix’s requirement.

To download movies on Netflix, all you need to do is find the video you want to download and click the “Download” button.

Once it’s successfully downloaded, you can now watch it offline. 


Top 3 Sites to Download Movies From



Among all video streaming sites, YouTube is the most used and convenient app to go.

Even without an Internet connection, you can still watch videos and movies on the app.

YouTube is one of the free sites that offer movie and video streaming.

There are YouTube channels that have movies you can watch. One example is the Viewster channel.

To download a movie from their channel, you need to download and install first 4K Video Downloader.

Once installed, download the movie video on YouTube and drag the link to the downloader. 

You can choose your preferred video resolution on the downloader before it fully downloads on your PC.

Always remember that the higher the movie quality you get, the longer it takes to download. 

If you prefer to watch the movie on your mobile phone, you can disregard downloading 4K Video Downloader and make the video available offline.

You can see the offline icon on the video and wait for it to download. 



Hulu is one of the most comfortable places you can get movies and shows.

However, Just like Netflix, you need to subscribe to it every month.

Hulu also has earlier access to famous TV shows and series that take too long to show on other streaming apps. 

There are two options you can do: record the movie using PlayOn Mobile Streaming DVR Application for mobile phones or record using PlayOn Desktop for computers.

The PlayOn mobile app is downloadable via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 



Watching movies is fun to do anywhere and at any time of the day.

It’s not hard to find downloadable films these days, especially if you have the help of the Internet.

All you need to have is a stable internet connection for you to download it on your mobile phone or PC and you can rewatch it whenever you like. 


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