E-commerce Website Templates For Dropshipping Businesses

Deciding on the quality of templates to use for your online store is a crucial factor that determines whether your e-commerce business will succeed or fail.
E-commerce Website Templates For Dropshipping Businesses

All the products you intend to sell on your dropshipping website are ready. You’ve even gotten a reputable manufacturer to partner with, and you’re looking forward to launching your online store. But, before you do, there is one more thing that is even more important than getting a good manufacturer or the right products. Yes, and that is getting top quality templates for your online store. Don’t get it wrong! Having great products and a trustworthy manufacturer is good. But, what’s the essence, if prospective buyers who are supposed to buy your products can’t even stay on your e-commerce website long enough to make a purchase? 

Deciding on the quality of templates to use for your online store is a crucial factor that determines whether your e-commerce business will succeed or fail. If your website is poorly designed and with low-quality templates, your potential customers are likely to leave your website at first glance.

And it’s not rocket science; you would do the same if you visited an unappealing website that took ages to load. 


What Is A Website Template?

A website template which is also known as a theme is a pre-designed, ready-to-use webpage that you can download and install on your website.

The importance of choosing the right template or theme for your dropshipping website cannot be over-emphasized. You would want your prospective customers to have a good first impression of your site when they come visiting.


How Do You Choose The Right Template? 

Here are some important points to note when choosing a template for your e-commerce website:

  • Choose a theme that is easy to install and easy to use. 
  • Choose a theme or website template that is lightweight and speed optimized. This would ensure that your website pages load on time, at least your website should load in one or two seconds, that is the standard.
  • Choose a template that is optimized for conversion. This is very important. Visitors to your website must be able to navigate the pages easily. Your product page, buy button, price, and overall color and style of your website need to be user-friendly.
  • Choose a template that mobile-friendly. Currently, research has revealed that 90% of orders are carried out through mobile devices. Consider all the clients you’ll be missing out on if your template is not responsive to mobile devices.
  • Choose a theme that can be updated regularly so your website can keep up with technological changes. 
  • Choose a template that has a high rate of customization. This would ensure that you have great control over most of the elements in your online store.


Now that you know all the good stuff you should look out for before choosing a template for your e-commerce website, let us look at the best templates you should consider using for your dropshipping business.


#1 Flatsome WooCommerce Template

This is one of the top WordPress dropshipping themes. It’s customizable and versatile nature makes this template a favourite among e-commerce business owners.

One good thing about the Flatsome WooCommerce Template is that it is excellent for people with little to no coding knowledge. It’s all-important drag and drop characteristics allows users to create almost anything without writing any code. 

It also has a ton of options you can use to customize your website, and best of all, new features are added continually, with regular updates. This ensures that the Woocommerce template can adjust to changing dynamics in the technological space.

Flatsome WooCommerce Template ranks as one of the best WordPress themes used by drop shippers all over the world. If you desire to have a dropshipping website that is responsive, and with a sleek design, you should consider using this template.


#2 Uncode

Uncode is another top of the line WordPress template that brings an ultra-professional, pixel perfect experience for your website. With its new hierarchical options, you can create any design layout you desire. 

One of the essential features for the Uncode online store dropshipping template is its adaptive ability to automatically adjust or re-scale to fit the size of any device that is being used to access your website. It is capable of delivering a perfect re-sized version of your online store.


#3 Porto

This Shopify e-commerce website template features up to 18 different homepage layouts. It is responsive and has limitless colour options. It also boasts a nice-looking slideshow, unlimited header types, and over 300 customizable options. 

Best of all, this Shopify website template is absolutely free and very easy to use for any product.

So if you are just starting out on your e-commerce business, and you’re conscious of your budget, you can use this template to kick-start your journey.


#4 Betheme

Betheme is an SEO optimized template that comes with in-built Yoast SEO. I’m very sure you are familiar with the enormous role that SEO plays in making your online store visible in search results. 

Betheme is an SEO theme which has a collection of over 260 pre-built website, which also includes dropshipping website templates you can use to create your own online store in a matter of seconds.

It is also newbie-friendly, especially those who cannot write codes as you can manipulate the template as you desire without writing any code.

Betheme is a great template you can use to start your dropshipping business. It is easy to use, and the pre-built websites are already SEO optimized. This is priceless!


E-commerce Website Templates For Dropshipping Businesses
Choosing the correct e-commerce website template for your business is crucial


#5 Avada

This is an in-demand WordPress theme that allows you to customize your site in the easiest way possible. It is also SEO optimized and compatible with Woocommerce.

Avada has so many features, and customization tools can come in handy for drop-shippers.


#6 Shopkeeper

This is no doubt, one of the best themes that every drop-shipper needs to use. It is hassle-free, easy to use, and it is easily customizable. It also has excellent customer support from its developers and regular updates to meet changing demands.  

One of the notable high points of the Shopkeeper e-commerce theme is that it contains a lot of pre-built designs and layouts that you can utilize as needed.  


#7 Ultimo

This fully responsive premium website template allows users to customize all aspects of their online store. It can be used for any online store, and it has in-built SEO which is a good thing for online store owners.

Ultimo has customizable grid options to accommodate a lot of product categories; it also has many color schemes, menus, good-looking product galleries and images, and other appealing features.  


#8 Divi (Premium)

This is a super beginner-friendly WordPress theme that was created with the Bootstrap framework. It can easily be used to create all types of e-commerce websites.

It is highly versatile, adaptive, and code-less. It comes with a lot of ready-made templates that make launching your online dream store a walk in the park. You can create your store from start to finish without the need to write a single code. 

What else, Divi Premium is mobile-friendly, lightweight, speed optimized, and compatible with most browsers. You’ll also have total control of your website. Divi has all the features for you to create your online store within the shortest time possible; it is highly recommended.


#9 Jevelin (Premium)

Javelin is a highly customizable, multipurpose WordPress theme. You get a lot of ready-made themes to work with, and you can easily tweak these themes to suit your needs. 

Javelin is search engine friendly, SEO optimized, mobile-ready, and installs in just one click. Sounds too good to be true, right? What’s more, it’s Woocommerce compatibility and slider revolution plug-in is essential features that make Javelin WordPress theme one of the top themes you can use in creating your website.

Best of all, you won’t have any problems using this theme as it comes with over 40 custom shortcodes and a useful tutorial video that would guide you through all the processes you need to follow in order to get your new website up and running.


Final Thoughts

Now to wrap things up, you’ll agree with me that designing your e-commerce website requires a lot of effort and careful planning if you want to see desired results.

The type of template you use in designing your website is one of the most important decisions you should painstakingly consider when planning to create your online store. Your website needs to be appealing to your prospective buyers, and their overall user experience with your online store needs to be instant. Read also ramotion blog about ecommerce website design that sells.

You can also use customer service software to make sure that your e-commerce website caters to your visitor’s needs and queries.

The first impression counts a lot in the e-commerce business. 

So, are you looking for more information on the necessary things you need to create an online shop? Especially, an e-commerce site that your potential customers will love? Then check out this Weebly Article on how to create an attractive website for your products.

Most importantly, you need to decide on the theme that works best for your goals as there is no one-size-fits-all template. Hopefully, with the above list, you can kick start your journey and become the next big hit with dropshipping.

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